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A disturbing image shows a PlayStation 5 console incorrectly placed upside down in an internet cafe, causing stress for gamers around the world.

Although two years have passed since the launch of the Playstation 5, many still find it difficult to get their hands on one of the elusive next-gen machines. As has been the case since the launch of newer game consoles, many have been prevented from getting a PS5 by resellers, unless they’re willing to pay a premium price. There’s also a widespread chip shortage that could last into 2024 according to an Intel chief, affecting graphics cards, consoles and other gaming hardware.


So it’s pretty safe to say that the PS5 is still a bit of a stretch to come by. For some who haven’t had the luck to buy one yet, it can be even more frustrating to see a battered PS5. Recently, a gamer saw a console stored upside down in a local internet cafe. Tucked away in a wooden cabinet, it’s apparent that the disc drive is upside down and the PS5 hasn’t been seated properly.

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Some fans pointed out that in fairness to the internet cafe where this unfortunate PS5 is located, the disc drive would not be accessible if the console was placed in the correct position. Other commenters were less kind to the establishment, claiming that not only was the console positioned incorrectly, but the cabinet prevented proper airflow and also looked like it was going to topple over. There is also paper placed under the console, further restricting airflow. Either way, it sounds like this console probably isn’t running at the optimal performance of the PS5.

While some users pointed out the flaws in the way the PS5 was kept in the internet cafe, others simply made jokes about their situation. One commenter said the PS5 must have done something really messy to be locked upside down in a cabinet as punishment, while another tried to reassure people by joking that the console wasn’t upside down, it was just in Australia. Another PlayStation was seen in less than perfect condition recently, when a damaged PlayStation at an airport caused a bomb disposal unit to be called in.

While the PS5 in this internet cafe can be expected to fall into a similar state of disrepair, it’s still a bit galling for some fans to see such an elusive console treated poorly. On the other hand, stocks of next-gen consoles and graphics cards are slowly getting back on track, meaning gamers may soon be able to lock their own next-gen machine into a case if they wish. There is even a rumor that a new PS5 Pro console will be released soon.

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