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An Elden Ring player shares fan art of the legendary Let Me Solo Her summon character along with a set of copycat variants he has inspired.

Let Me Solo Her is the name of a elden ring the player character who has been elevated to near-mythical status by the gaming community due to his prolificity in helping players defeat one of the game’s most difficult bosses. The boss in question is Malenia Blade of Miquella, which has the ability to regenerate some of her health for every hit the player takes, and because of this, easily ranks as the hardest boss in elden ring for most players.


After a series of thank-you messages for the jar-headed anonymous summons were posted online, the elden ring The player base quickly caught on and began to revere the legendary player. Traditional fan art, 3D models, and of course Let Me Solo Her character imitations were quickly produced.

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After Let Me Solo Her shared the details of their elden ring character creation for players who wanted to take up the noble cause of helping others defeat Malenia, it was inevitable that parody characters would also be created. Now, a Reddit user named iskawhiskers has shared some fan art showing Let Me Solo Her along with some of her variants. The drawing incorporates images cut from screenshots to show that these variants are real and have been summoned in-game.

On the left of the photo is the classic character from Let Me Solo Her, looking ready to fight. The next two variants that occupy the center of the frame are more interested in Malenia romantically than in helping players defeat her, though one is clearly more secretive about it than the other. But surprisingly, it’s the two variants on the right that are perhaps the furthest from the original motto of the jarhead summoning to help anyone in need. Do It Yourself is a player who has been seen living up to her name by entering the boss room, sitting down, and refusing to participate in the fight.

Let Me Solo Her is famous in the elden ring community for killing Malenia over 400 times, although he recently stated that he is nearing his 1,000th fight with Malenia. The reason why he has inspired so many fan artists is due to his simple and recognizable character design. The original Let Me Solo Her explained that the character’s nudity is a tribute to a tongue-in-cheek view common in FromSoftware games where the most powerful players are usually the ones wearing the least armor. But it’s the deadpan jar on her head that makes it so easy to apply a mythic quality to the character, because players are free to project whatever emotion they want onto the character. This is something that is easily seen in the iskawhiskers fan art set.

The majority elden ring fanatic artists draw Let Me Solo Her posing stoically, making him look like an unstoppable force. But it’s fun to imagine a different version of the character, who under the jar is really in love with Malenia.

elden ring It is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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