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More than 300 illegal immigrants arrived in Britain across the English Channel on Monday, adding considerably to the more than 250 people who made the journey on Sunday.

Even more illegal immigrants have managed to cross the English Channel into Britain, with hundreds more making the potentially deadly journey from France on small boats on Monday.

They follow hundreds of people who made the journey on Sunday, with calmer weather prompting a resumption of illegal migrant crossings that were halted for a period of around 11 days due to inhospitable conditions.

According to a report from The timesan even larger number of people made the journey to England on Monday than on Sunday, with the newspaper recording around 330 people landing on England’s shores compared to only around 250 the day before.

The publication now reports that more than 7,000 migrants have crossed the canal this year in small boats, which it says is around three times the number of people who crossed in the first four months of last year.

While many cross the channel illegally in this way in the hope of claiming asylum in Britain, questions have been raised as to whether many of these claims are legitimate.

This is due to a certain amount of cheating that occurs regarding these border crossings, with populist agitator Nigel Farage apparently providing more evidence on Monday about shady practices around the crossings.

In a report from the English Channel on Monday, Farage explained that he and his team had seen some migrants throwing their mobile devices, as well as some clothing, into the sea in a way they considered quite suspicious.

“We have now seen … three of the people on that boat, throwing their mobile phones into the water,” Farage said in a report on the GB News website, during which footage can be seen of what appears to be a Illegal migrant ship disposing of a mobile device in the sea.

“If these were legitimate refugees, why would they have to do that?” she went on to ask.

The former Brexit Party leader also raised concerns about the level of migrants he fears will be seen later in the year, claiming the UK’s infrastructure on the canal was already struggling to keep up with the influx.

β€œIt is not an exaggeration to suggest that if we continue as we are, it will be 100,000 who will cross the English Channel this year, and 90,000 of them will be young people without any type of document,” he said, once again describing the rescue efforts of the UK as a “very expensive taxi service”.

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