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Watch live as Johnny Depp’s libel case against Amber Heard continues

The trial of Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard has entered its fourth week in Fairfax, Virginia.

Heard is being sued by Depp for $50m (£38.2m) for implying he abused her in 2018 Washington Post opinion article. Though she didn’t name him, he says her accusations made it difficult for him to get movie roles.

On Monday, the jury heard from Depp’s security guard who described two fights between the pair in his Los Angeles penthouse, including one in which he claims Heard punched Depp.

Depp’s agent described his career before and after the opinion piece was published, calling it “catastrophic”. He said that Depp lost the role of him in the sixth pirates of the Caribbean film, and was unable to sign any studio productions in the years that followed.

A nurse employed by Heard gave further testimony, saying she was prone to outbursts of anger and described apparent injuries after the pair allegedly got into a fight. The nurse’s testimony will resume on Wednesday.

Heard has yet to testify and provide her own version of the relationship, but is expected to take the stand this week.


When asked about Heard’s return from Australia after the incident there, Ms. Falati said that she saw her the following day (March 9, 2015) and did not make any notes about physical injuries or requests for medical treatment.

Oliver O’Connell3 May 2022 15:28


Ms. Falati says that Heard said that Depp wanted her to finish her acting career and stay home.

When asked more about this, Ms. Filati said in her conversations with Depp that she doesn’t remember that being a feeling.

As the question covers Mrs. Falati’s notes from the time, the nurse does not remember all the details of what was said and what happened.

He is asked about the incident in London that he mentioned yesterday. Ms. Falati wasn’t sure what the fight was about, but she was related to Heard’s upset about her phone being hacked and the possible leak of confidential information.

Heard was having a hard time calming down, he said.

Oliver O’Connell3 May 2022 15:26


Ms. Falati testifies that Heard reported drinking between one and three glasses of red wine per day, but does not recall being intoxicated.

Heard told Ms. Falati about previous episodes of bipolar disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, attention deficit disorder, codependency issues, and occasional sleeplessness. She also said that she feels jealous and insecure when Depp is away for work.

She recalls that these issues cropped up over the years, but not constantly.

Oliver O’Connell3 May 2022 15:15


Judge Penney Azcarate has called the jury and today’s trial is underway.

Erin Falati’s pre-recorded video testimony continues with the questioning of Depp’s lawyer.

Oliver O’Connell3 May 2022 15:03


Why the diagnosis of BPD should not be a weapon against Heard

Johnny Depp’s legal team has claimed that Amber Heard has two personality disorders, but Mina Hadi argues that this is a worrying approach to mental health.

Oliver O’Connell3 May 2022 14:50


I heard you asked a nurse for medicine during the ‘hardest week of life’

Private duty nurse Erin Falati testified Monday that Heard requested medication the week of May 26, 2016, saying it was the hardest week of her life.

Amber Heard (right) and her attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, listen as Erin Falati, a former Heard nurse, testifies remotely.


Oliver O’Connell3 May 2022 14:45


Depp’s agent calls Amber Heard’s op-ed ‘catastrophic’ for his career

Entertainment manager and agent Jack Whigham testified via video link from Los Angeles on Monday and said Ms Heard’s op-ed was different from other articles that had been written about Mr Depp in that it was a first person account. She said it was “shocking” and “catastrophic” for him.

Oliver O’Connell3 May 2022 14:30


Drew Barrymore apologizes for comments on Depp’s trial against Heard

Barrymore previously spoke about the highly publicized trial during an episode of her talk show. The Drew Barrymore Show.

Oliver O’Connell3 May 2022 14:23


Depp’s legal team is expected to rest the case today

Johnny Depp’s legal team is expected to wrap up his case today, with Amber Heard’s team set to begin testimony.

His first witness is expected to be Dr. Dawn Hughes, a clinical and forensic psychologist who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of interpersonal violence, traumatic stress and anxiety disorders.

Heard is expected to take the stand on Wednesday, and her testimony is likely to go on for several days, like Depp’s.

Oliver O’Connell3 May 2022 14:15


Depp’s security guard recounts actor’s shock when Amber Heard ‘punched him in the face’

McGivern, who appeared in court Monday via video link from Los Angeles, said the fight took place on March 23, 2015. Heard left during an argument and returned to her sister Whitney. The bodyguard testified that he felt it was time to remove Depp from the situation.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 3, 2022 13:30

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