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Since its early access release in March 2017, PUBG: Battlegrounds It has become one of the most successful games in recent years. Although it has now been surpassed by many other titles, it was Krafton’s PUBG which set the stage for the Battle Royale genre in the mainstream gaming space. But even with the likes of Fortnite, call of duty: war zone, apex legendsand others, PUBG continues to expand its offer to fans. His latest update brings a new addition to training mode along with a host of other changes.


PUBG has gained some popularity again over the past few months following its switch to the free model. The measure has been so successful that PUBG: Battlegrounds saw a growth rate of nearly 500% with the free launch. This rate was even higher in certain areas, such as the Asian and South American regions. Amidst all of this, Battle Royale seems keen to capitalize on recent growth as it focuses on making changes and introducing new elements to keep fans entertained. The game’s 1v1 arena for training mode is one such addition.

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According to the 17.2 update patch notes, the 1v1 arena in training mode will allow players to go through 1v1 rounds with another player or witness other players fight in the arena. When facing another player, each match will be three rounds, each lasting 60 seconds. Also, while waiting to enter a 1v1 match, players will not be able to enter other PUBG training areas, including the marksmanship/sound lab, private indoor shooting practice, or jumping school.

The update, which will be released on May 11 for PC and May 19 for consoles, also lists various other changes to PUBG, such as added weapon balancing for MK12 and Mini14 DMR. Krafton claims that the use of the 5.56mm DMRs fell far short of expectations and hopes that the tweaks will make them “more attractive and more commonly used”. Additionally, the game’s spotter range is also undergoing some noticeable changes, such as the enemy detection range going from 1000m to 600m and the white passive marker no longer appearing automatically in ADS mode.

Although PUBG has grown with its free switch, its numbers have already started to decline. Steam’s tracking service SteamDB puts the number of concurrent PUBG players since the free-to-play game peaked at 700,000. That’s a notable drop compared to the 3 million concurrent Steam players around January 2018. Regardless, the developers don’t seem to be done with PUBG any time soon, considering the list of updates and announcements in recent months. In fact, with the rumors of a possible PUBG 2 in jobs, the excitement and anticipation of battle royale will likely linger.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available now on mobile, PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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