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That time has rolled again. Players are rushing to complete their Battle Pass and rank higher as the latest Valorant Act will come to an end in just a couple of days. With each new Act, Riot offers a new Battle Pass, a cosmetic pack, and if we’re lucky, a new Agent or map.

As Episode 4 Act 3 slowly approaches us, we’ve been incredibly lucky this time. new Agent, Fadehad an official game reveal at the VCT Masters last night that, quite frankly, had most players foaming at the mouth.

As if Fade wasn’t enough to get players excited, Riot has also announced that the pack for the start of Law will be the RGX 11z Pro Skin Line. Yes, we’ve seen an RGX 11z Pro package before and loved it.

And of course we can expect a new battle pass with the new Law, and he’s got some incredibly cute cards and friends to look forward to. But first, let’s take a look at Fade.

fading skills

Here are Fade’s abilities, and to see them in action, check out the video above.

  • Haunting (E) – Fires an orb that plummets to the ground after a short period of time. When grounded, the orb reveals the location of any enemy it sees. Enemies can destroy the orb entity, but Fade can reuse it.
  • Seize (Q) – Fires an orb that plummets to the ground after a short period of time. When the orb hits the ground, a zone is formed that traps enemies. Fade can reuse this ability.
  • Marauder (S) – Shoot to send the Prowler in a straight line. The Marauder will notice any enemy it sees and chase after it. If he reaches them, the enemy will be myopic.
  • Dusk (X) – Fire Nightfall to send a wave of energy through an area and through walls. This creates a trail to each enemy’s location while decaying and deafening them.

RGX 11z Pro Skin Line

Riot Games seems to have realized that players love the RGX 11z Pro skins so much that it is releasing this second bundle.

This pack essentially features other popular weapons with their own RGX skins, a butterfly knife coined as ‘Firefly’. Yoru’s Butterfly Comb and Recon Balisong have been incredibly popular melee weapons, so seeing one of the most beloved skin lines applied to the favorite melee weapon style is going to excite a lot of players, myself included. Riot, take my money.

Episode 4 Act 3 Battle Pass

The Episode 4 Act 3 Battle Pass will cost 1,000 VP for the full shabang, or players can simply opt for the free version which includes Ragna-Rock Out Buddy, Look Behind You Spray, UltraBright Torch Buddy, Yellows on Rails Player Card and the Cobra Frenzy Coalition.

For those who pay for everything, you can expect Hue Shift skins for Spectre, Shorty, Phantom, and Bulldog, Coalition Cobra skins for Frenzy, Judge, Odin, and Marshall, and .SYS skins for Bucky, Stinger, Sheriff, and Vandal. There will also be a .SYS ax melee weapon at the end of the Battle Pass.

As always, you can expect a dozen or so sprays that feed off of the various memes we’ve all seen around various characters. There’s Sova worried about his team, Omen scaring Jett and Phoenix, and a spray that shows Raze nervous about the angel and demon on each of his shoulders.

The update will be activated in April 27, 2020when this Law ends. Do you want to test Fade or are you afraid to face her?

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