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Plymouth University in England has been accused of “misleading” female students with a poster warning them not to “challenge” transgender people to use the “wrong” bathroom.

The poster was highlighted by a social media user who shared a picture of her on Twitter.

Hey Twitter folks, I thought I’d let you know that [Plymouth University] It doesn’t seem to matter to her students, as shown by this sign that aims to illuminate women in silence, “said the user.

“If you know a woman who plans to attend this university, make sure she knows that they have signed away their rights,” they added.

The poster, emblazoned in the colors of the transgender flag, warns women: “Do you think someone is using the ‘wrong’ bathroom? PLEASE DO NOT: challenge them, stare at them, insult them. INSTEAD PLEASE: Respect their privacy, respect their identity, go about your day.

“They are using the restrooms that they feel safe in. Don’t make them uncomfortable, instead protect them from harm. Trans, non-binary and gender questioning students – you have every right to be here.”

The University of Plymouth drew attention to the tweet of answering of their verified account, stating that their “campus has been designed so that our staff, students, and visitors feel comfortable and safe in its environment, which includes single-sex and gender-neutral facilities,” adding, “It is important to ensure that our entire university community can feel safe, respected and empowered.”

It is unclear how this squares with his warning that biological females who are uncomfortable sharing facilities with biological males should not “challenge” them.

While the poster emphasized the need to “protect” transgender people in women’s restrooms from “harm”, attacks on women in such areas by transgender people are not unknown.

In 2019, for example, a transgender predator named “Katie Dolatowski” was convicted of stalking the public toilets of a Scottish supermarket to attack pre-teen girls, even though the judge in the case decided the pedophile should not be sent to prison.

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