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Mt. Gox creditors on Reddit claim they’ve begun receiving payments from the exchange,

nearly 10 years after it first shut down.

Creditors of the long-defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox have reportedly started to receive fiat

repayments for their Bitcoin, which had been trapped on the exchange since February 2014, according to emerging reports on social media.

Several posts from the Reddit page r/mtgoxinsolvency suggest that Mt.

Gox has been sending Japanese Yen-denominated repayments to users via PayPal — nearly ten years

after the funds had become locked on the exchange on Feb. 24, 2014. The reports are unconfirmed.

“I just got paid,” claimed Reddit user Free-end254, attaching a screenshot of the email that contained the PayPal receipt of payment.

“I just got money!” wrote another Reddit user, adding they initially believed the email to be some

kind of phishing scam, before claiming that an actual payment had landed in their PayPal account.

Another user noted that only part of their 0.125 Bitcoin claim had been repaid, receiving a total of

30,283 yen — worth $200 at the current exchange rate — and was still missing an approximate payment of $748.

Repayments to creditors are set to be paid out in several tranches, including the base repayment,

the early lump-sum repayment, and the intermediate repayment.

One of the first instances of the new Mt. Gox repayments surfaced on Dec. 21, when a pseudonymous

Japanese X (formerly Twitter) user said they had received their Mt. Gox claims through bank transfer,

which was credited to their account as Japanese Yen.

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