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Piers Morgan has urged Arsenal to sign Cristiano Ronaldo this summer after accusing Manchester United’s “arrogant” squad of disrespecting the Portuguese star.

Ronaldo scored his 22North Dakota of the season for United, but goals from Nuno Tavares, Bukayo Saka and Granit Xhaka secured a crucial win for Arsenal.

The Gunners are now fourth in the Premier League, two points above fifth-place Tottenham and six ahead of sixth-place United.

Arsenal fan Morgan has urged his club to make a move for Ronaldo in the summer window and says he has spoken to the five-time Ballon d’Or winner to try to convince him to join.

Speaking on talkSPORT, Morgan said: “When it comes to money, property owners, riches and banking, we have the richest of them all.

“Stan Kroenke has £10 billion, he is married to a woman who has even more in the Walmart heiress who has £15 billion. He just bought a ranch for £750m, he can afford to buy a couple of strikers!

Ronaldo scored in United's 3-1 loss to Arsenal on Saturday (Image: PA)
Ronaldo scored in United’s 3-1 loss to Arsenal on Saturday (Image: PA)

“Do you know what I would do if I were manager of Arsenal? He would go in, look for Cristiano Ronaldo and put him in charge. I had this conversation with him last week. I said ‘come to Arsenal’.

“The thing with Arsenal and Manchester United is very interesting. On paper, United have much more talented players and much more experienced and talented players, but they don’t have the right attitude.

“The mental attitude is shocking. Whatever happens at that club…if they didn’t have Ronaldo in the team they wouldn’t be winning, whereas Arsenal have young, hungry, really promising guys who have a great attitude.”

Morgan added: “I’m not even kidding. I would love to bring Cristiano Ronaldo to Arsenal. If he is not going to stay at United, he would take it in a heartbeat.

“I watched that game over the weekend and he was the best player on the field.

“As a striker, when you look at Ronaldo’s movement and his goalscoring record of 37, I would put Ronaldo up front and let these kids learn from him.”

Earlier this season, Ronaldo called out his teammates in an interview questioning their attitude in training and why the younger players on the team weren’t listening to his advice.

Morgan believes that Arsenal’s youngsters are more grounded than those at Old Trafford and would be more willing to listen and learn from Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has criticized his team-mates this season for their attitude in training (Image: PA)
Ronaldo has criticized his team-mates this season for their attitude in training (Image: PA)

“I think egos are writing checks that lack of trophies doesn’t cash, and my message to those young United stars is that they have talent, but their egos are out of control and they should ask Ronaldo for advice. Morgan added.

“If you had even a tenth of his work ethic, his skill, his success and his trophies around the world, you would be much better than you are now, but there is an arrogance about those players that we don’t have. at Arsenal.

“That’s not the problem. Bring in a couple of world-class players and then you might start to believe in the process.”

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