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Xbox is expected to confirm the first half of its Game Pass May lineup in the coming days, but one game leaks online ahead of time.

xbox game pass it seemingly grows month after month, with more games joining often than leaving. This just backs up the claims that it’s the best value in gaming, and perhaps the best part is how its additions stay in circulation. Xbox Game Pass often confirms new games a month, if not months, in advance, but still manages to reveal new games every two weeks or so, often packed with surprises.

Xbox Game Pass games have been leaked in the past, one way or another, but these leaks aren’t the most common thing in the world either. This makes most Xbox Game Pass leaks questionable, but the latest leaked title comes straight from the horse’s mouth: the Microsoft Store. There’s a decent chance it’s a glitch, but it’s also likely a legitimate leak.


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According to the Microsoft Store, This War of Mine: Final Cut It will be released on May 10 as part of Game Pass. this war of mine originally released in 2014 and on Xbox One in 2016, but the end cut is a remastered release for Xbox Series X (and other platforms). After images of this leak surfaced online, multiple users reported seeing it in the Xbox Game Pass app, further legitimizing this as a leak and not a glitch.

this war of mine presents the civilian experience of a war, rather than that of a soldier. This makes it stand out from many war games that tend to be first-person shooters; this war of mine It’s more of a survival game. The playable characters will be forced to make important decisions, with various endings for each character depending on how they navigate these sticky situations.

This War of Mine: Final Cut It features remastered visuals as well as all the updates/expansions the game has released in recent years. It appears to be accessible on both PC and Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this version will release on Xbox One for those subscribers.

It should also be noted that This War of Mine: Final Cut you also get a complete edition that includes additional DLC not available through Xbox Game Pass, which can be pre-ordered from the Microsoft Store. More details on all of this are likely to be available in the coming days, on the seemingly safe assumption that this leak is confirmed.

xbox game pass subscribers get a handful of free games each month.

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