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Johnny Depp explains why he didn’t leave Amber Heard

Johnny Depp testified for the second day in his $50m (£38.2m) libel lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Cross-examination began at the end of the day and will continue on Thursday morning.

Heard is being sued by Depp for implying that he abused her in a 2018 op-ed she wrote. Although she did not name him, her attorneys say her allegations have made it difficult for the actor to land movie roles, turning him from “Cinderella to Quasimodo” in Hollywood, as the pirates of the Caribbean the actor described it.

The actor recalled a traumatic childhood with an abusive mother and said his relationship with Heard reflected that, accusing her of “bullying” him.

He described a tumultuous time together, including a fight in which his finger was cut off, the moment human feces was found on his bed and what he says happened the night Heard accused him of throwing a phone at her in his penthouse, shortly before. . Divorce proceedings began.

Heard has filed a $100 million (£76.6 million) counterclaim against Depp for nuisance and immunity from the actor’s accusations. Depp has previously lost a UK libel case against Sun newspaper about the same Heard article.


The strange story of feces in bed

It was so out there, it was so strange and so grotesque that I could only laugh.

Johnny Depp

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 10:00


‘Blood was spurting’: Depp recalls fight with vodka bottle that ended with finger amputated

“At first I didn’t feel any pain,” he said. “I felt hot and as if something was slipping through my hand.”

“I was looking directly at my bones sticking out,” he added. “The blood was coming out.”

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 09:00


Depp reveals why his daughter did not attend his wedding with Heard

Johnny Depp was asked about his wedding to Amber Heard on the second day of his testimony in a high-profile libel case.

During his testimony, Depp said his daughter Lily-Rose Depp, the older of his two children with Vanessa Paradis, did not attend his wedding to Heard in 2015.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 08:00


Depp Reveals Winona Ryder’s Tattoo That Amber Heard Didn’t Like

Johnny Depp’s liking for tattoos was brought up during his libel trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, as he revealed that there is one in particular he didn’t like, according to his testimony on Wednesday.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 06:00


‘Endless parade of insults’: Depp says relationship with Heard mirrored his mother’s abuse

Johnny Depp has compared his marriage to Amber Heard to his strained relationship with his mother, calling it an “endless parade of insults”.

He recalled how Ms. Heard’s “degrading insults,” being “reprimanded,” and “making a fool of himself” frequently escalated into full-scale arguments.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 05:01


‘Low point of my life’: Depp accuses Amber Heard of denying him withdrawal meds during detox

Johnny Depp accused Amber Heard of denying him withdrawal medication while he was trying to detox from opioids, calling it “the lowest point of my life.”

Depp told the court that, although he did not feel comfortable admitting it publicly, he owned a private island in the Bahamas, where he traveled with private nurse Debbie Lloyd and Ms Heard to detox.

He told the court, during his libel trial against his ex-wife, about the pain he felt when he tried to quit drugs, describing it as “nothing I’ve ever experienced before”.

Graeme Massie reports from Los Angeles.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 04:15


Heard chose to apply for a restraining order on the same day as the film’s release and her daughter’s birthday, Depp says

Johnny Depp says Amber Heard chose to file a “cruel” restraining order against him on the same day as the Alice through the mirror premiere and her daughter’s birthday.

“I felt it was incredibly cruel… I felt it was a betrayal,” he told the court in Fairfax, Virginia.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 03:30


Depp tells how his mother’s death made him realize he wanted a divorce

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 03:10


Depp winces as he describes seeing a photo of feces on his bed.

Johnny Depp described seeing a photo of feces on his bed days after a fight with Amber Heard while testifying in court.

Mr. Depp said on Wednesday, April 20, that he did not see Ms. Heard between April 22 and May 21, 2016 because “he received some news that was so absurd and grotesque and cruel, and then I was shown a picture what the problem was.” ”.

He said he was shown a photo of “our bed and there was human fecal matter on my side of the bed, so I understood why it wasn’t a good time to come down.”

Depp said his “initial response” was to “laugh”.

Gustaf Kilander has the story.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 02:45


Depp describes Heard’s friends taking MDMA at the wedding

Johnny Depp was asked about his wedding to Amber Heard on the second day of his testimony in a high-profile libel case.

When asked if anyone used drugs at the wedding, Depp answered in the affirmative. When asked who he saw taking drugs at the wedding, he said “several people were taking MDMA.” He named “Amber,” a “couple of friends of mine,” and mentioned a few additional names before adding, “Her whole gang was on MDMA.”

Clemence Michallon reports.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 02:00

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