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Since Chapter 2 Season 5, NPCs have taken up residence at landmarks, places of interest, and major Fortnite hubs. A new season of Fortnite means a new population of NPCs to meet and greet, or sometimes defeat. On the island right out the gate with Chapter 3 Season 2 are 24 NPCs ranging from returning heroes to new ones. Many of them offer unique weapons, perks like storm circle information, and items for sale, so in addition to just rounding out your collection, you’ll want to meet them all as soon as possible so you know where to find some of the best in Fortnite. in-game items Here is where to find all of the Fortnite NPCs in Chapter 3 Season 2.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 NPC Locations

There are currently 24 NPCs on the island. While some are where they were last season, many more are in new locations, or have never been in the game as NPCs until now. As usual, not all NPCs are available in all rounds. Some groups of NPCs rotate in and out at places like Camp Cuddle and The Joneses, for example. We’ve made it clear which ones will be harder to find as a result of varying spawn rates. Use our map below to help locate all of the NPCs for related challenges, items, and to read their story-heavy dialogue.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 NPC Locations
Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 NPC Locations
  1. The Origin – At the north end of the Sanctuary
  2. The Imagined – Can be found at one of several Seven Outposts
  3. The Visitor – On Launchpad, northeast of Sanctuary
  4. The Scientist – In the garage of Synapse Station
  5. Agent Jones – Can be found at one of several Seven Outposts
  6. The Foundation – Patrolling the south-central region of Sanctuary
  7. Bunker Jones – In the Joneses; do not present each round
  8. Ludwig – In The Joneses; do not present each round
  9. Brainiac – Walking down a dirt road west of The Joneses; do not present each round
  10. Mullet Marauder – In The Joneses; do not present each round
  11. Jonesy the first – in the Joneses; do not present each round
  12. Cuddle Team Leader – At Camp Cuddle, inside the northernmost hut near the wooden bridge
  13. Metal Team Leader: At Camp Cuddle, inside the metal cabin; do not present each round
  14. Cuddlepool – At Camp Cuddle, inside the red shack; do not present each round
  15. Quackling – At Camp Cuddle, inside the yellow hut; do not present each round
  16. Guaco – In Greasy Grove, hidden in an attic of a yellow house
  17. Lil Whip – In Coney Crossroads, hiding in a room in a white house
  18. Bao Bros – In Condo Canyon, hidden inside a motel
  19. Tomatohead – In Tilted Towers, hidden in a tall building near the soccer field.
  20. Mancake – In Rocky Reels, hidden under the movie screen
  21. Peely – In The Daily Bugle, hidden in the newspaper’s main office.
  22. Gunnar – Inside Command Cavern patrolling at ground level; hostile
  23. Huntmaster Saber – Inside the airship that flies over Command Cavern; hostile
  24. Doctor Slone – The Fortress, patrolling outside the massive simulacrum

The reason so many NPCs go into hiding is that they are part of the Resistance, the group of loops that have taken up arms to drive out the Imagined Order. These heroic NPCs have formed makeshift operating stations complete with Seven tech in small, easy-to-miss rooms where the IO hopefully won’t find them.

Also be aware of which NPCs are hostile, as they will shoot you on sight. However, this also means that they each drop mythic weapons, which are unique and can only be equipped by one person at a time, as there are no duplicates. As for the NPCs in The Joneses or Camp Cuddle, remember that they won’t all appear every round.

In The Joneses, you’ll usually miss one or two versions of Jones each round, while in Camp Cuddle, only one of the three NPCs in small colorful huts will appear each round, along with the ever-present Cuddle team leader. so you will have to pass several times until you meet everyone. Meanwhile, Agent Jones and The Imagined appear at any Seven Outpost, although they don’t seem to appear at the same one in the same round, so this appearance requires a bit of luck.

As more NPCs arrive on the island this season, we’ll update our list and map so you can quickly meet them and complete your collection book once again. For more on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, check out our guide to new weapons, map changes, and the battle pass.

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