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About two and a half months later social truth released publicly, its main attraction has finally arrived.

Former President Donald Trump finally started posting on Truth Social, his own alternative social media platform, on Friday after being conspicuously absent since the service launched in mid-February.

“I RETURNED!” Trump posted along with a photo of himself on Truth Social. He also added the hashtag “#COVFEFE” to the bottom of the post in reference to the weird tweet did in 2017 before being forbidden from Twitter.

Trump Truth Social Return Post

Trump’s first post since returning to his platform, Truth Social.
Credit: Mashable Screenshot

The 45th President originally posted on Truth Social before it was released to the public on February 21. However, that was the only post from him on the platform for months, causing many to wonder why Trump wasn’t using the social media platform he owns.

Since declaring he’s “back” on Friday, Trump has posted more than a dozen “truths” and “untruths” — Truth Social’s version of what Twitter calls “tweets” and retweets.

Trump’s posts include congratulating a couple who just got married at Mar-a-Lago, accidentally posting a random Truth Social user’s ID without any context, and bragging about Truth Social rising to the top of the App Store. Manzana.

Trump Posts That Truth Social Tops App Store Rankings

Trump brags that Truth Social tops the App Store rankings.
Credit: Mashable Screenshot

Prior to last week, Truth Social had been experiencing issues with app downloads. collapsed. The platform also lost two of its key tech executives who also resigned during this time.

However, days before Trump returned to the platform, the app suddenly reappeared in the Apple App Store listings, eventually taking the No. 1 spot.

When the news broke that Elon Musk would buy Twitter, Trump gave a statement to Fox News saying he would not return to the platform he was banned from, even if a Twitter owned by Musk reinstated his account.

musk even I observe Truth Social’s sudden rise to the top of the App Store ranking and he also mentioned it on his Twitter account.

It’s unclear exactly what is attributed to Truth Social’s rise in the App Store. It could be especially difficult for Trump’s platform to find its niche in the social space now that his most ardent supporters are applauding Musk’s pending takeover of Twitter.

But, for now at least, Trump and his team are enjoying the sudden and unexplained interest in the app.

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