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Dalton Schultz officially signed his franchise offer with the Dallas Cowboys, guaranteeing that he will wear the uniform for the 2022 NFL season. That works out well for an organization that recently parted ways with tight end Blake Jarwin, following hip surgery that could sideline him from football for next season and possibly beyond, because while they’re now in the market for another talented TE in this year’s NFL draft, at least they have their starter in place; and the divorce from Amari Cooper likely means Schultz will have a lot more work to do in the future.

The four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver was sent to the Cleveland Browns this offseason via trade, putting Schultz more in the spotlight than ever, and even he admits the offense is initially taking a step back. losing Cooper; which is also combined with the loss of Cedrick Wilson in free agency to the Miami Dolphins. The Cowboys were able to re-sign Michael Gallup to a five-year deal, but Gallup could miss the season opener in his recovery from a torn ACL, and the addition of James Washington in free agency doesn’t appear to fill the gap. empty immediately. left by Cooper (or Wilson).

For his part, Schultz believes the Browns just acquired an elite wide receiver in Cooper.

“Obviously, Amari is one of the best receivers in the league, just personal opinion,” Schultz said of the Cowboys’ OTAs, via the team’s official website. “Obviously, we’re a better offense with him. Unfortunately, we don’t have him, so I think the next step is for guys to step up.”

“But yeah, I think there’s room to grow in a lot of other aspects of the game.”

That includes adding at least five pounds to his frame to bulk up and hopefully improve his blocking, as well as refining his receiving skills, the latter of which included assisting George Kittle. the famous ‘Tight End University’ a year ago.

“I’ve been watching a lot of movies about not only me and our games, but other guys around the league, just trying to pick and choose different parts of their game,” Schultz added. “It’s a constant process of just trying to get better as a player in any way that I can. I’m looking to do that in every facet of my game.”

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The former fourth-round pick has already started working this offseason with another former fourth-round pick, namely two-time Pro Bowl quarterback Dak Prescott, with the two getting some reps from the preseason program before OTAs. . Prescott, who is now fully healthy and building volunteer OTAs, hopes to build a lot more chemistry with Schultz, and the foundation is certainly there when considering the tight end was his most targeted receiver in 2021. A year ago, Prescott was working to return to the field after a season-ending broken ankle, but no physical setbacks this time.

Prescott is a complete bet for the entire offseason program.

“I think as far as his health and everything, compared to last year when he was still in rehab, we’ve had ample opportunities to get out on the field and pitch with some guys and just start that process.” Schultz said of Prescott. “We are definitely ahead of where we were last year.”

And as for the fully guaranteed one-year franchise tag ($10.4 million)? Schultz and the Cowboys still have until July 15 to work out a multiyear deal that locks him in beyond 2022, and both sides remain motivated to see it through.

“Obviously, I think this is where I want to be,” Schultz said. “I have a good relationship with a lot of the guys here. I love being here. I love this organization.

“I was grateful that I was able to at least come back here for a year. I want to reach a long-term agreement and I think they do too. I hope we can do it. I’m going to be for next year, I’m happy.”

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