Coinbase Advanced’s Moheeth Alvi sees pro traders as next wave of crypto users - New Style Motorsport

Alvi says the company is focused on bringing the next billion users to crypto,

and attracting pro traders is a major part of its plans.

Moheeth Alvi, group product manager at Coinbase Advanced, joins Cointelegraph’s Hashing It Out

podcast with host Elisha Owusu Akyaw for an in-depth discussion about pro traders in the cryptocurrency space.

The podcast starts by highlighting Coinbase’s eventful year so far, from new products to the launch of its

layer-2 network Base and the “Onchain Summer” campaign that followed. Alvi says the team believes

this is the best time to build, and the company is focused on figuring out how to bring the next billion

users to crypto. He also explains that building for and attracting pro traders is a major part of the plans

to onboard the next wave of crypto users.

Alvi describes pro traders as very distinct from regular crypto investors and holders. He says most of

them operate as traders programmatically, trading relatively higher volumes. Alvi also points out that

many advanced traders rely on trading for their livelihoods. Considering the high stakes involved,

most advanced traders are looking for platforms they can depend on in terms of functionality and ease of use.

Alvi breaks down what these traders look for in a platform, explaining that they need access and

exposure to a good number of assets to trade. There is a need for pro traders to have access to a

platform that is dynamic and available on multiple device types, from desktop to mobile and the web,

he adds.

Alvi also explains the role liquidity plays in creating a good environment for pro traders.

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