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Activision has officially started teasing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, stating that the game will usher in a “new era” for Call of Duty. While we wait for more concrete details on the new 2022 entry, let’s break down the rumors and everything we know so far about this year’s return to a modernized Call of Duty.

Call of Duty 2022 Developer, Title and Logo Revealed

Back in February, Activision confirmed Infinity Ward as the developer of the 2022 Call of Duty game. Modern Warfare 2019 was a huge success for Call of Duty, so it’s no surprise that Infinity Ward is returning to the series for its next release. Activision also officially announced the title and logo for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on April 28.

The animated logo revealed by the Call of Duty Twitter account combines the “M” and the “W” and the “II,” while the included hashtag reads the title as Modern Warfare 2. The logo animation also offers a sneak peek subtle. . As noted on Twitter by Chaosxsilencer, Modern Warfare’s iconic Task Force 141 logo can be seen when he slows down the animation.

Much of Modern Warfare 2019’s post-launch story revolved around Captain Price building his iconic task force from the original series. So while it comes as no surprise, fans can be glad that Captain Price has recruited their favorite Modern Warfare characters once again.

Modern Warfare 2 release date and platforms

An official release date for Modern Warfare 2 has not been revealed, but the expected release date is sometime in the fall of 2022. Previous Call of Duty titles have released between October and November, so it is likely that Modern Warfare 2 of 2022 does the same. There’s a small chance that Vanguard’s poor sales and reception will lead to an earlier-than-expected release, but players should still plan for a typical fall release.

As for what platforms players can expect, journalist and leaker Tom Henderson states that Modern Warfare 2 is coming to current and past-gen consoles, but suggests this could be the last year Call of Duty does so.

Modern Warfare 2 story rumors

So far, Modern Warfare 2’s story is mostly a mystery. Additional rumors from Tom Henderson suggest that the campaign in the sequel to Modern Warfare will follow US soldiers going to war against Colombian drug cartels. Regardless of whether these rumors are true, we now know that Task Force 141 will be involved.

Maps, modes and other rumors

Rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt, but Modern Warfare 2 has generated some pretty interesting buzz around innovative modes and remastered maps.

Tom Henderson claims that Modern Warfare 2 will include a new game mode called DMZ. Rather than previous Call of Duty add-on game modes such as Zombies or Spec Ops, Henderson describes this as a Call of Duty version of Escape From Tarkov, which is a mix of battle royale and survival game elements.

Another notable Call of Duty leaker, RalphsValve, suggested in november that Infinity Ward was bringing back Task Force 141 for Modern Warfare 2. The leaker also shared Henderson’s claims about a story centered around a Colombian drug cartel. They also suggested that Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer would include several old maps. If RalphValve’s leaks continue to hold true, players could see the Favela, Terminal, Highrise, Shipment, and Quarry maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 in this rebooted series.

war zone 2 details

Players can expect a clean slate for Warzone 2, which Activision recently confirmed is built from the ground up alongside Modern Warfare 2. This news comes shortly after Warzone developers confirmed that the current version of Warzone with Black Ops and Warzone content. Vanguard had inflated themselves, finally apologizing for the state of Warzone in Season 1.

Additionally, Activision teased that Warzone 2 will have “groundbreaking innovations” that will be revealed later this year.

We will update these details and rumors are more information about Modern Warfare 2. Currently Call of Duty Season 3 is underway for both Vanguard and Warzone. Godzilla and King Kong are scheduled to arrive on Warzone’s Caldera map with the Operation Monarch event.

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