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Bungie suffers a major setback in its legal pursuit of a group of hackers who sold cheats to other Destiny 2 players after the case went to court.

While video games can provide players with spectacular visuals, immersive storylines, and competitive thrills, at the end of the day they are all made up of thousands of lines of code. That code can be vulnerable to hackers at times, leading to unfair advantages for some players. Competitive shooter players like call of duty: war zone, counter strike global offensiveY Destiny 2 they are almost used to hackers invading and messing up their games. Destiny 2 He’s specifically seen multiple tricks, from stripping players’ weapons in PvP to reviving allies in Trials of Osiris.


Oftentimes, hackers exploiting the code for a certain game will sell those cheats through a website. Over the course of a few years, destiny 2 the developer Bungie has fought against deceptive websites. In 2020, the company issued a cease and desist on a popular cheating website, and in 2021, the hacking website GatorCheats was attacked by both the Destiny 2 creators and valorant developers

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The latest website that Bungie is trying to take legal action against is known as AimJunkies. Bungie claims that AimJunkies was guilty of copyright and trademark infringement. The Destiny 2 However, the cheat website was unwilling to back down, arguing that the software he used to hack the game was his own work, not a copy of Bungie’s creation. The hacking group then argued that Bungie’s other claims should be kept out of court under the terms of the company’s own user license agreement.

US District Judge Thomas Zilly has largely agreed with AimJunkies’ claim, stating that evidence from Bungie is lacking in terms of the cheat website’s copyright infringement. “Remarkably,” Zilly began. “Bungie has not alleged any facts to explain how the cheat software constitutes an unauthorized copy of any of the copyrighted works identified in the complaint.” However, this does not mark a true victory for AimJunkies, as the website was still found to be in violation of the trademark by using the phrase “Destiny 2 tricks”.

Zilly also ruled that Bungie’s other claims could be settled out of court. Recently, Bungie has had another problem with its copyright protection. Instead of a hacking website, be responsible for using the Destination However, IP, this time saw YouTubers see their videos removed for playing the game’s music. Even Bungie’s own YouTube channels suffered due to these actions, causing confusion among Destiny 2 fans and its developers.

Destiny 2 It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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