Apex Legends doubles down on PvE in Season 13, adding IMC armories to Storm Point - New Style Motorsport

Apex Legends Season 13 kicks off on May 10 and adds Bangalore’s brother Jackson Williams as the new playable legend – posing as Newcastle, a man who repeatedly tried and failed to enter the Apex Games. Along with Newcastle, Season 13 makes some changes to the Storm Point map, with developer Respawn seemingly putting a greater emphasis on implementing player versus environment (PvE) play with the addition of IMC Armories.

Every battle royale map in Apex Legends has its own style, and Storm Point has leaned towards PvE from the start, launching with marauder and spider nests scattered throughout. Wildlife featured a risk versus reward system for players; moving through them offered what could potentially be a more direct route into the area and the opportunity to gain more loot, but at the risk of dealing with dangerous beasts.