3 Charged with Murder in Sacramento Mass Shooting Eligible for Death Penalty - New Style Motorsport

Exactly one month after a shooting in downtown Sacramento left six dead, authorities announced murder charges for three suspected gunmen. Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said charges were filed Tuesday against Smiley Martin, his brother Dandrae Martin and Mtula Payton, who has not yet been arrested.

The three suspects are charged with the murder of bystanders Johntaya Alexander, Melinda Davis and Yamile Martinez. All charges were reinforced with the use of a pistol in the commission of crimes. All three suspects allegedly used 9mm pistols and Smiley allegedly used a 9mm automatic pistol with a high capacity magazine.

The three men, who are convicted felons, also face charges of illegal possession of firearms. Smiley Martin and Mtula Payton had previously been arrested multiple times, while Dandrae Martin had been arrested once before.

Mtula Payton was out on bond on a separate case when the shooting occurred, Schubert said. In a separate case, also filed Tuesday, he was charged with three counts of fraud.

The three suspects could face the death penalty if convicted, but a decision to apply the death penalty has not yet been made, Schubert said.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing and further charges could be filed in connection with the 12 people who were injured in the shooting. Authorities said more than 100 shell casings were recovered at the scene and believe the shooting was gang-related.

“This was a shootout between two rival gangs,” Schubert said during a news conference. “The evidence shows that rival gang members armed themselves.”

More than 200 tips, videos and photos were shared by the community, Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester said.

“This level of cooperation speaks to the character of those who came forward,” Lester said during the news conference. “It validates our work to earn the trust and cooperation of our community as well.”

Although police have arrested the Martin brothers, Payton remains at large.

The others who died in the shooting were identified as Sergio Harris, Devazia Turner and Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi. Turner has been identified as another gunman involved in the shooting, according to the Associated Press. Harris and Hoye-Lucchesi were also involved in the feud with the Martins, Turners and Paytons.

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