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A few days ago, Nintendo revealed the file sizes of three of its upcoming titles: nintendo switch sports (Now available), Splatoon 3Y xenoblade chronicles 3. Fans were shocked to discover that the latest addition to the Xenoblade The series will require 15GB to download at launch.

If this is true, it means xenoblade chronicles 3 It will be the biggest Switch exclusive yet. pokemon sword Y Shield it was 10.3 GB, meanwhile The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild it had a base game of 13.4 GB. Those with regular Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite consoles will find that gaming consumes around 47 percent of their onboard storage, while OLED owners will only lose around 23 percent of their storage space. But the size of the next Xenoblade Chronicles sequel shouldn’t be a surprise.


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The case of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 file size

The main reason why xenoblade chronicles 3The file size makes sense because players have seen this happen before. Larger sequels are not an unusual phenomenon; for example, the first CD Projekt Red game The Wizard series was 15 GB, followed by The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings to 25GB, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 35GB. Still, the largest game available on the Nintendo eShop is NBA 2K21 at almost 40 GB, keeping track of NBA 2K20 consuming almost 33 GB of space.

For comparison, the file size for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition it is 13.7 GB meanwhile xenoblade chronicles 2 occupies 13.2 GB of space on Switch. Although it may appear that the games decrease in size as the series progresses, it should be noted that the original Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii U it was approximately 6.5 GB, making the sequel more than twice the size of its predecessor. For this reason, it stands to reason that the third game in the series will be bigger than the previous games.

The file size of 15 GB for xenoblade chronicles 3 it should come as a surprise for the opposite reason, as it’s actually much smaller than a sequel is expected to be in many cases. Monolith Soft managed to create a sequel that is only a couple of gigabytes larger than the second game when the latter was, again, just over twice the size of the original Wii U game. As of this writing, precisely what improvements xenoblade chronicles 3 has on its predecessor is unknown.

Sequels are often bigger than any previous game in their series because their stories get more complex, their worlds get bigger, and the game’s graphics naturally get more detailed and sophisticated as the years go by. Along with those progressions, studios tend to add new characters to sequels to their games, such as with xenoblade chronicles 3The dual protagonists of Noah and Mio. In the case of this next Xenoblade game, it is said to combine elements of its two predecessors, which were largely unconnected.

All of these details reflect with the ever-increasing sizes of modern games, and why gamers will find additional storage to become more critical regardless of their platform. That said, fans are looking forward to the next installment of Xenoblade Chronicles they need to make sure they have enough room before the game’s previous surprise release date. Fortunately, there are plenty of micro SD cards on the market with massive storage sizes to supplement the Switch’s small internal storage.

xenoblade chronicles 3 releases on July 29, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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