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Xbox and Epic Games announce a partnership to offer Fortnite through Xbox Cloud Gaming completely free on all compatible devices.

the promise of Xbox cloud gaming, included with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, has always been strong. Subscribers get access to the entire Xbox Game Pass library on all Xbox Cloud Gaming-enabled devices, including iOS and Windows-based phones, tablets and laptops, PCs and Xbox consoles. However, the opportunity to do bigger things has always been there, and Xbox Cloud Gaming is now taking that step. Fortnite It’s now free to play through Xbox Cloud Gaming, no subscription required.


To be clear, that means iOS users can play Fortnite free right now by visiting through the browser on your phone or tablet. No installation of any Fortnite itself or an Xbox Cloud Gaming app is required. No Xbox Game Pass subscription required. Fortnite is fully accessible completely free of charge to anyone with an iOS device and an internet connection.

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Obviously, while the situation itself is exciting, it’s probably bigger news than Fortnite is available again on iOS devices. Since Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple for its closed garden market and demanded 30% fees on all monetization, Fortnite has been removed from the Apple App Store. Even those who previously had Fortnite installed are forced to use the previous version of the game, as updates are not allowed. This ad returns Fortnite to iOS users at no additional cost.

While Fortnite on iOS may be the biggest news, Xbox Cloud Gaming’s shift in an unexpected direction is also very exciting. Xbox Cloud Gaming was previously exclusive to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, but offers free access to Fortnite. That could mean that other games will soon be accessible via Xbox Cloud Gaming as well, whether it’s just free games or premium games as well. It’s an exciting future for the cloud-based platform.

The partnership between Xbox and Epic Games raises questions about the details of the financial aspect of the situation. Epic Games understood that it would be staying off iOS when it filed its lawsuit, meaning it was comfortable avoiding the platform due to its 30% fees. Perhaps Xbox offered a more lucrative rate for the use of the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform.

Xbox Cloud Gaming remains a service available exclusively through an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Fortnite Players can see how the game runs on iOS devices, Windows, and Xbox consoles, and if they enjoy the experience, they can consider a subscription to access more Xbox cloud gaming games through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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