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A talented artist from the World of Warcraft community shows off stunning racially themed class skill designs that can be changed with glyphs.

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world of warcraft announces its next expansion tomorrow, the ninth in a long line of content packs that have greatly expanded on the game since it first opened the gates of Azeroth to millions of eager fans. warcraft fans and MMO gamers alike. Their community grew over the years and attracted artists and theorists alike, and one of them decided to strive to present the best possible use for the glyphs from their initial conception.

glyphs in world of warcraft They’re in a bit of an awkward spot right now. introduced in Wrath of the Lich King to complement the new Inscription profession, they represented an alternate (but equally important) way for players to increase their power. On paper, it allowed for more specialized builds than the talent system alone could provide, but in practice, glyphs ended up becoming just another cog in a number-crunching and optimization machine. From Blizzard’s point of view, the glyphs became a redundancy that outgrew their welcome. They were shown the gate, and the only remaining glyphs to survive the purge were the cosmetics.


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A Reddit user named Fishbones06 took the concept of cosmetic glyphs and pushed them beyond their current state of neglect by introducing avenging glyph variants for each paladin race in world of warcraft. The results speak for themselves and truly serve to show the potential role that glyphs could have in addressing another important desire in world of warcraft community: identity and flavor.

After all, a paladin of Zandalar hardly worships the same deities, conforms to the same rites, or drinks from the same source of power as a paladin of the Dark Iron Dwarves. allowing world of warcraft Players expressing themselves through their abilities in a cosmetic way would only serve to further engage them with their class in a way that doesn’t interfere with player power, thus circumventing the problem that ancient glyphs have encountered in the past.

With rumors of a new class and a new race potentially being revealed with the upcoming world of warcraft expansion tomorrow, no one is sure which direction Blizzard will take. Fans wanting more options when it comes to cosmetic glyphs that change the appearance of a player’s spells and abilities is something the company probably knows about. It would not necessarily be uncharted territory either, as a similar system exists in Devil 3 with runes.

Ultimately, it all depends on whether Blizzard Entertainment sees cosmetic glyphs as a viable investment of developer resources.

world of warcraft is now available for PC.

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