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Virgil van Dijk hilariously criticized Thierry Henry for ignoring his messages, before Henry had a chance to respond live.

No one in the Reds’ defense covered themselves in glory in the first half of the game, as the Spanish team went into the break 2-0 up and looked like they could pull off a big upset.

Van Dijk celebrates Liverpool reaching the Champions League final, but at one point he didn't seem certain.  Image: PA Images
Van Dijk celebrates Liverpool reaching the Champions League final, but at one point he didn’t seem certain. Image: PA Images

It didn’t go late and at full time Van Dijk had a few words for an expert, but it had nothing to do with Owen’s outrageous statement, he just thought of another former striker.

When interviewed by US media CBS, the Dutch defender asked who was in the studio for them, anxiously waiting for the interviewer to say Henry’s name.

When told, Van Dijk revealed the unanswered text message he had sent, saying: “I texted him [Henry] but he didn’t answer me! Titi: the legend”, telling the interviewer to pass on the message.

Fortunately, CBS did just that, with Kate Abdo then moving on to the Arsenal legend to answer for himself, and it all made for excellent viewing.

“In fact, I don’t have his number anymore,” the Frenchman said in his defense, “I’m going to talk to someone else to get his number.”

“I changed my number and when I put all my numbers in my new phone, his number was no longer there.”

The ‘new most public telephone, who is this?’ of all time was interrupted by Jamie Carragher, who called his fellow expert “disrespectful.”

“Tonight there was a little bit of disrespect from Thierry. To Van Dijk, to CBS for not wearing a tie… there’s a bit of an issue there,” the Liverpool legend said.

“He’s a top guy and he’s showing you respect. And you’re not going to get back in touch?”

Henry then responded brilliantly, saying, “He didn’t text the right number. I’ll call him. You’re actually upset that he’s texting me.”

Van Dijk was not so happy after Villarreal's goal.  Image: PA Images
Van Dijk was not so happy after Villarreal’s goal. Image: PA Images

Carragher, along with all the Liverpool fans, would no doubt have been through all the emotions on Tuesday night, especially when Villarreal equalized at half time.

They were saved by the introduction of Luis Diaz and a terrible goalkeeping display from Villarreal’s Geronimo Rulli, and allowed the former Reds defender to get past his other training partner Gary Neville.

The Manchester United legend was certainly in his element when the Yellow Submarine won 2-0, via Francis Coquelin, who took to Twitter to post photos of himself enjoying the wine.

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