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Villarreal gave Liverpool a real scare for 45 minutes on Tuesday night, but Jason Cundy claimed it simply proved him right about the Spanish side.

Last week, Villarreal did not take a single shot on goal in their Champions League semi-final first leg with Liverpool, as Unai Emery’s side tried to prevent the heavy favorites from gaining too great an advantage.

The fact that they had beaten Juventus and Bayern Munich to reach that stage of the tournament was apparently not a big enough clue to the former Chelsea player that they deserved to be in the final four.

Instead, the 52-year-old claimed his eventual fall was proof that he was right all along, seemingly ignoring the fact that a team the size of Villarreal had just gone toe-to-toe with arguably the best team on the planet.

Probably the only thing that’s an embarrassment to the Champions League is that Cundy is able to share her views with such a large audience, considering how terrible they are, even though there’s no doubt she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Villarreal have a smaller budget than Burnley and, with what can really only be described as a bunch of Premier League rejections, won the Europa League and reached the Champions League semi-finals.

It was no surprise that Liverpool came from behind to win the match, although things were made easier for them thanks to Geronimo Rulli.

Liverpool players celebrate reaching the Champions League final.  Image: PA Images
Liverpool players celebrate reaching the Champions League final. Image: PA Images

However, it’s not that other teams haven’t had similar comebacks in the competition, this year PSG lost to Real Madrid a clear 2-0 in the second half of their round of 16, thanks to a 17-minute hat-trick. by Karim Benzema.

Cundy isn’t exactly targeting the French team for being a “disgrace” even though they are much closer to Real Madrid than Liverpool’s Villarreal in terms of perceived talent and level.

Fortunately, most of the fans are on the side of the Spanish team, who gave us incredible nights in Europe this season and defied all odds.

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