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Villarreal have been labeled a “Champions League disgrace” following their 2-0 loss to Liverpool in the first leg of their semi-final.

However, on Wednesday night, Liverpool were too much for the Anfield visitors and Jurgen Klopp’s side had 19 shots compared to one for the visitors.

Unai Emery’s side never really looked threatening as their most illustrious opponents managed to do what neither Juve nor Bayern had done, and keep a clean sheet at home.

And the 2-0 loss, which required some luck for the first goal and a potential VAR controversy for the second, led talkSPORT expert Jason Cundy to claim the Spanish team’s performance was an “embarrassment” to the competition. and “pathetic”.

“Cruise control. There is no world right now where Villarreal can cause problems for Liverpool at any cost,” the co-host said live on air.

“Liverpool were totally dominant. Somehow it was too easy for them. I don’t know what I just saw, but Villarreal is a disgrace.

“It’s a shame. UEFA must be looking at that and thinking: ‘We’re in big trouble.’

โ€œIf that is to reach the semi-finals and face English teamsโ€ฆ Liverpool did not get out of second gear. That Villarreal over there was like playing the last game of the group stage against a team that isn’t even good enough to drop out of the Europa League.

“It was shocking. Liverpool are brilliant, but that was a disgrace for the Champions League. There are players who haven’t even broken a sweat in a Champions League semi-final.

“There is only one team that can do anything to Liverpool at the moment and that is Manchester City, maybe Chelsea in one go. They are streets ahead. Villarreal were beaten before the first whistle.

Liverpool needed an own goal with a bit of luck to tie the tie.  Image: PA Images
Liverpool needed an own goal with a bit of luck to tie the tie. Image: PA Images

“West Ham would give them a better game. Everton would give them a better game. I have no idea how Villarreal got this far.”

“I can’t believe what I have witnessed. I think you could have had a fan next to Van Dijk tonight.

“You could have led a fan out of the stadium and said: ‘Look, it’s your lucky day, you’re going to play for Liverpool in the Champions League semi-final, put on your kit.

“That’s how bad Villarreal was.”

Liverpool players celebrate their first goal.  Image: PA Images
Liverpool players celebrate their first goal. Image: PA Images

Villarreal’s performance may not have been the best, but the point will have been to keep things as tight as possible, as Atletico Madrid tried when they visited Manchester City earlier in the season.

Emery would have hoped to take the Premier League team to El Madrigal for the second leg with the game as close as possible, and with 2-0 down, there is hardly a draw.

Many teams that were expected to do better than Villarreal have left Anfield with worse results and performances than last night.

In the future, if the Yellow Submarine finds itself in the semi-finals again, having hit the stage in 2006 and losing by one goal to Arsenal, it may not have to visit its opponent’s home.

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