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elden ring shares many things in common with previous FromSoftware games, such as the Dark souls games, including their challenging difficulty. As the Dark souls games Before That, elden ring It’s not a piece of cake, but many players help each other to master combat and succeed in the game.

As part of the game’s combat, Parry is a key item that players can use against enemies in elden ring. However, despite sharing some similarities, both elden ring and the Dark souls games, particularly dark souls 3, they differ in their combat. An online player points out some significant differences between how the parry works in both games.


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Reddit user YoruTsubasa made a post on the elden ring subreddit with a video showing the differences they noticed when stopping at elden ring Y dark souls 3. YoruTsubasa’s video explores two key differences between how parries work in both games, specifically the timing and attack range required to parry.

The video shows the differences when using boss battles with Bell Bearing Hunter from elden ring and Iudex Gundyr of dark souls 3 for comparison. The video starts with time, first showing in the boss battle with Gundyr, the time for the stops in dark souls 3 connect much later than expected. This is shown when one of Gundyr’s punches is already going through the player character before the parry kicks in and knocks them down.

The video then shows how time doesn’t work the same way in elden ring as it does in dark souls 3 in the boss battle with Bell Bearing Hunter. This is demonstrated when Bell Bearing Hunter’s punches hit the player character when they try to parry like in dark souls 3showing that players have to stop faster in elden ring. The video even has a side-by-side comparison between the two demos to highlight the difference in stopping time in games.

Then the video covers the second difference with the attack range. It is demonstrated with Gundyr by showing how, as long as some kind of weapon contact is made, a player can parry against Gundyr. Even if they barely connect with his ax blade. Then the video shows that is not the case with elden ring as the player character has to be very close to the Bell Bearing Hunter to parry. For YoruTsubasa, this is the reason to stop at elden ring is riskier than dark souls 3, as players have to get up close and personal with enemies to successfully parry. In addition to that, there are some movement of the enemies in elden ring that players can not stop. Therefore, they must determine which move will be used, which leaves them vulnerable to attack.

elden ring It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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