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A group of young pro-life activists in Britain have said they have been inspired by the anti-abortion movement in the United States, even though the so-called Conservative Party largely fails to uphold traditional values.

Abortion Resistance, an upstart group of Gen Z and millennial activists that aims to promote a culture of life in the UK, told Breitbart London that moves to restrict abortion in the US they give hope of bringing about change in Britain.

Eden McCourt, co-founder of the group, said she was first inspired to become a pro-life activist growing up with a sister with severe disabilities, saying, “Growing up, I heard from the media, from my peers that people with disabilities like her they should not have the right to life and should not be able to exist. So it was thanks to her and in memory of her that I decided to take the issue more seriously.”

The media and public relations director for Abortion Resistance told Breitbart London that she has been inspired by the pro-life movement in the United States ever since.

“The US has come a long way on this issue and many states are putting limits on abortion and in some cases banning it outright, which is great, and obviously we want to replicate that in the UK,” McCourt said.

“What we are trying to do is create a culture of life, that really accepts the value and dignity of all human beings from the moment they first exist and, of course, [America] They are a great inspiration because they are doing a great job and I hope we can do better here.”

Currently, the US federal government is headed by the Democratic administration of Joe Biden, who, despite his professed Catholic faith, is staunchly pro-abortion. However, individual states have taken significant steps to restrict abortions within their jurisdiction.

In September of last year, the state of Texas became the first in the nation to enact a “heartbeat” law, meaning that once a fetal heartbeat can be detected inside a mother’s womb Termination of pregnancy is prohibited.

Following the lead of the Lone Star State and indeed going further, the state of Oklahoma passed a near-total ban on abortion earlier this month. The law prohibits abortion in all cases with the exception of “saving the life of a pregnant woman in a medical emergency.”

Sooner’s state went on to make performing an abortion a felony that could result in a prison sentence of up to 10 years or a $100,000 fine.

This month also saw Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida sign into law a law banning abortion after the fifteenth week of pregnancy, declaring it “the most important protection for life that has been enacted in this state in a generation.”

Unlike the Republican movements in the United States, Britain’s Conservative government has made abortion access much easier. Last month, a “temporary” lockdown measure to allow home abortions was made permanent, allowing women to receive medication to end pregnancy for the first ten weeks with nothing more than a phone call to National Health Insurance. Health.

Since the measure was put in place during the Chinese coronavirus crisis, some 150,000 women have had home abortions in Britain.

Although Abortion Resistance presents itself as non-partisan, Eden McCourt noted that it is still disappointing that the Conservative party “which claims to have traditional values ​​and the right to life for all human beings” has failed to uphold such a standard “in that building over there,” he said as he pointed towards Parliament.

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