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The first two of four Xbox Free Games with Gold for May 2022 are now available to download, one day before subscribers are expecting.

xbox live gold Subscribers may have signed up to play online, but the service has another important advantage. Every month, Xbox Live Gold subscribers receive two free hand-selected Xbox 360 games and two free Xbox One titles as part of the Games with Gold benefit. This month, the first batch of free Games with Gold titles became available a day early.

The new free games for May 2022 with Gold titles consist of one Xbox 360 game and one Xbox One game. Both games are currently available on the Microsoft Store, but can also be accessed in other ways. Interested subscribers can simply manually search for the title on their consoles and download it for the appropriate time period for free.


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In May 2022, the four Games with Gold titles that players will be able to access will be Yoku Island Express, The World Within – The Last Wind Monk, Hurricane Hydro ThunderY Viva Pinata Party Animals. However, subscribers can download Yoku Island Express Y Hurricane Hydro Thunder right now, a day before the planned release dates. The other two titles will be available in the middle of the month.

Yoku Island Express it was scheduled to be available for download from May 1 to May 31, giving fans plenty of time to get it. Nevertheless, Hurricane Hydro Thunder It will only be available for half of that time, from May 1 to May 15, so players can prioritize it. In the second half of the month, starting on May 16, players will be able to download Viva Pinata Party Animals Y The World Within – The Last Wind Monk. While the first title will only be available until May 31, the latter will be available to download until June 15. This means that players will have a little more time to finish The World Within – The Last Wind Monk.

In Yoku Island Express, players will take on the role of Yoku, a tiny dung beetle who has moved to an island to enjoy a relaxing job as a postmaster. Unfortunately, the discovery that the island deity is asleep and his dreams are causing natural disasters puts a dent in his plans. In the meantime, Hurricane Hydro Thunder allows players to race in speedboats through a variety of bizarre locations, including the notorious Area 51. It features a number of new events added to the standard racing gameplay of the first game, hydroelectric thunder. Both games are likely to appeal to different sections of the xbox live subscriber base.

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