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New features, such as ship-to-ship refueling, added in the latest Star Citizen Alpha 3.17 update, are highlighted in this eye-catching trailer.

Accompaniment star citizenThe latest alpha update is a light-hearted but well-crafted trailer that briefly shows off many of the update’s new features. fans of star citizen and those interested in its development progress can get a solid rundown of what’s changed thanks to the new trailer.

Officially announced by Roberts Space Industries in 2012 with a planned launch in 2014, star citizen has seen some controversy due to its extremely long development process. Nearly ten years later, the game is still getting major updates as it moves towards a state of completion. A pioneering project in the world of crowdfunding gaming, star citizen has received over $400 million in total funding from enthusiastic fans who want an expansive and immersive space simulator. The project has come a long way in those years thanks to a long history of increasingly major updates bringing more features, refinement, and optimization. star citizenthe universe of .


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The official trailer was released on April 29 via star citizenAnd thanks to the music selection and playful cinematography, it’s obvious that the new content in this update is all about making money. Players are shown mining asteroids, selling loot, and using the new mining devices, all while their bank balance is steadily increasing from these money-making efforts. The new loot generation feature is used in this update, allowing players to sell acquired loot for money at kiosks. Ship-to-ship refueling is also introduced, allowing enterprising players to earn money by selling and distributing fuel to pilots in need. Most of the additions are system related, so new vehicles like star citizen‘s HoverQuads are not in the picture this time.

Of course, many changes coming with Alpha 3.17 aren’t exactly movie-worthy, but they’re important to note nonetheless. Game balance has been adjusted in many areas, from refocusing the shields of heavy fighters and larger ships to adjusting the types of damage missiles deal. The rate of decline of hunger and thirst has also increased, so pilots must be careful with their supplies and plan long voyages into the void of space accordingly. Performance has been optimized in several areas and many gamers have experienced a noticeable increase in frame rate. Ship components can now also be stored and transported inside ships, accompanying a revision of ship inventory sizes. Finally, it wouldn’t be an Alpha update without literally dozens of minor bug fixes and crash fixes. It is clear that RSI has been busy in the six months since star citizen Alpha 3.16.

There is much to appreciate with this new update, especially for players who have been experiencing performance issues. Those who have been hesitant about purchasing a starter pack for star citizen you may find that now is the best time to do so. Although star citizen is becoming more refined and adding more content regularly, it’s still considered to be in an Alpha state, so those looking for a fully finished product will either have to wait or be content with alternatives like Elite: Dangerous either X4: Foundations. After ten years of star citizen development, however, potential pilots have become accustomed to the waiting game.

star citizen is available on PC.

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