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Psyonix announced that it will bring voice chat back to Rocket League with an update scheduled for May 9. Voice chat has been removed from Rocket League since update 2.04 which was released on September 14, 2021. The announcement of the return of voice chat was made on the official Rocket League Twitter account, which linked to a post by Blog.

According to the blog post, voice chat will be on by default, and to talk, all you need to do is plug in a headset to use it. You will be able to access two voice channels, Party Chat and Team Chat, from a new Voice Chat tab found in the Friends List. Once you’re in the tab, you can jump between all channels from the main menu or even in-game by pressing pause. Players will be able to “fine tune the voice chat experience” by customizing their chat options in the settings menu.

When a player is in a voice channel, they will see one of the following two microphones speaking and muted. Speech will indicate that someone is talking with a green icon above. EITHER microphone mutedwhich will display an X next to a player’s name when they have no microphone or have been muted.

Psyonix explained how each chat will work and how you’ll be able to use them.

party talk – The perfect way to chat with friends! Players with voice chat enabled will enter the party voice channel when creating or joining a party. Players will be able to communicate both inside and outside of matches, as the connection persists between games.

team chat – For those who want to talk to their team! Players with voice chat enabled will enter the team voice channel when joining a team in a match. This connection will automatically end when the game ends and then start again when you join a new match.

voice input/output – These device options are available on PC and allow gamers to switch audio sources easily, whether using the transmitter microphone or controller headset.

voice chat method – Open Mic is the default Voice Chat setting so players don’t need to press unnecessary buttons when trying to communicate when they hit those double resets. Players who prefer to use Push-to-Talk can enable it in the Settings menu. These players will need to bind the PTT button to something convenient from the Controls tab.

Silence – We also know that everyone uses voice chat in different ways, so players will also be able to mute people on their voice channel. This can be done by selecting their names in the Voice Chat tab and choosing Mute.

Psyonix has previously said it removed voice chat from the game because “the voice chat system is not up to modern standards.” Some players were even experiencing “performance issues” when using in-game voice chat.

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