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Pokimane comes up with a unique idea for Twitch announcements that is less intrusive, and LinusTechTips shares an alternate version that Pokimane responds to.

A lots of Twitch Streamers have criticized the platform in recent months, which has been exacerbated by the company looking for other ways to address ads during live streams. Popular Twitch streamer Pokimane recently expressed her enthusiasm for less intrusive ads, drawing an unflattering reaction from LinusTechTips. Recently, Pokimane responded to these comments.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys recently took to Twitter to express how she felt about LinusTechTips by making what she described as “hurtful” comments about her during a recent podcast. Pokimane had previously suggested less intrusive ads for non-subscribed Twitch viewers so they aren’t put off sticking around because some live streamers are contractually required to run ads during their streams. As a result of Pokimane sharing her ideas, Linus discussed how troublesome it would be to change the existing ad system and how her approach would result in less profit for advertisers.


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Pokimane has stated in a lengthy Twitter post and exchange with LinusTechTips that she came across as “mocking” during the aforementioned podcast, and found referring to her as an “unnamed creator” to be “strange and hurtful”. Pokimane pointed out the nuance in the conversation around announcements in this lengthy post, as she stated that she understands the complexities of moving to a less intrusive Twitch announcement system and contrasted it with reflecting that the existing system isn’t perfect. Another issue Pokimane took on with the LinusTechTips podcast is that the content creator had criticized his idea without providing a suitable alternative of their own.

In response to Pokimane, LinusTechTips apologized for how he approached his Twitch publicity ideas, admitting to the popular live streamer that he was frustrated and rude. LinusTechTips has some technical knowledge that many others don’t, and has seen the difficulties associated with building a sustainable video platform on top of the other projects he plays with and many PCs he builds. Linus also approached Pokimane in his chat and told her that he and his team could help her with cross-platform streaming based on the resources they had already put in.

LinusTechTips has been known to do a few hits, having several months ago built a joke PC with communism references for Twitch streamer HasanAbi. Pokimane has also been mired in controversy from time to time, as she, Ninja, and Jessica Blevins exchanged some negative feelings with each other. Additionally, Pokimane recently made amends with JiDion, a different streamer who sent her community to her channel on what was considered a Twitch. hate raid. Although both LinusTechTips and Pokimane have been involved in their own drama in the past, the two seem to have been able to patch things up fairly quickly and might be on better terms today than they were before the conversation.

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