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Overwatch 2 beta becomes the most played game on Twitch as fans look for new game modes and beta access through releases.

At last, the surveillance 2 Beta is now in the hands of more gamers as Blizzard begins to open up access to PC gamers looking to try out surveillance 2 for themselves. The Supervision Beta Bash featured practice games, developer interviews, and entertaining streams from a wide variety of streamers. Interest in the sequel and exhibition matches with Twitch’s most famous personalities led to record simultaneous viewership.

The official Supervision The Twitter page posted a graphic towards the end of its surveillance 2 Beta Bash Twitch event showing that Supervision it became the number one game streamed on Twitch with a peak audience of 1.5 million viewers. That was the most viewers the game had on Twitch at any time in the past not seen since the early days of the Overwatch League. Those numbers were helped by Supervision eager fans of Twitch Drops and the opportunity to enter the Beta and try out the game’s new maps, reworked heroes like Orisa and Doomfist, and experience supervision 2 Sojourn signature hero.


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The day’s event featured Twitch Drops that gave players who watched 4 hours of surveillance 2 Beta transmits a PC code that will give them access to the surveillance 2 Beta. The official Supervision Twitch Channel presented the Supervision Beta Bash, a set of skirmish matches between various teams made up of current and former Supervision professional players like xQc, SeaGull, Aspen, and Super, as well as popular streamers like Pokimane, Emongg, Fareeha, and others.

Fans were free to choose which game they could watch once they had drops enabled and were streaming under the correct game. Although this event featured the surveillance 2 Beta, streamers had to play on the Supervision category. Streamers like xQc and Pokimane co-broadcast their matches on the Supervision Beta Bash and continued to broadcast for most of the day. xQc’s broadcast ranked first in the Supervision category, consistently having over 200,000 viewers at any one time.

1.5 million concurrent viewers for surveillance 2 it shows that despite the many delays and internal turmoil at Blizzard, fans are very interested in the game. There have been reports of issues with the Beta servers when fans who have earned and redeemed their rewards have tried to log in and play. Community Manager Andy “AndyB” Belford sent out a tweet assuring fans that the server capacity was being expanded and addressed other issues players were having when trying to get into the beta. Despite some technical difficulties, fans are excited to see new content through the Beta game, and are willing and able to stress the limits of the game. surveillance 2 Beta and provide Team 4 with valuable information and feedback leading to the full release.

surveillance 2 is in development.

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