Nvidia's ultra-slim VR headset concept wants to banish bulky headsets - New Style Motorsport

One of the biggest problems facing the widespread adoption of VR headsets is their form factor. Anyone familiar with the technology will have the image in their mind: a bulky binocular-like blob attached to you like the face-hugger of a Alien.

But Nvidia wants to fix this, and has just published a research paper in collaboration with Stanford University showing a concept for a pair of ultra-thin holographic virtual reality glasses.

First of all, let’s see why today’s VR headsets are so bulky.

Effectively, this is due to the magnifying glass principle of the VR display optics. According to the Nvidia and Stanford article, normal headphones work with the “target [enlarging] the image of a small microscreen”.

This requires a large distance between the two, increasing the size of today’s headsets to accommodate the technology.

example of why today's VR headsets are so thick