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Newly released surveillance video shows an Alabama prison officer helping an inmate serving a 75-year sentence escape from prison.

Police have now confirmed that officer Vicky White and inmate Casey White, who went missing together nearly a week ago, shared a “special relationship”.

The video shows the two walking out of jail on April 29 as the officer holds the door open for Mr. White, who can be seen in handcuffs and shackles.

Mrs. White was supposed to transport the inmate from the Lauderdale County Jail, police said.

Investigators have now launched a search for Vicky White, 56, and Casey White, 38.

Rick Singleton, the Lauderdale County Sheriff, told local media that investigators found evidence that the two shared a “special relationship.” However, he added that she could not be “physical” based on surveillance video analyzed by police.

“We have uncovered some evidence that confirms that there was a relationship outside of his work hours,” Singleton said. “I’m not talking about a physical relationship. But outside of their work hours, there was some contact between the two.”

Mr. White, the inmate, is serving a 75-year sentence and Mrs. White (the two are not related) has been awarded Employee of the Year four times.

Now, the Alabama Correctional Officer has a warrant issued for her arrest and is accused of allowing and aiding Mr. White to escape.

“Everyone loved her, no one, no one had anything but good things to say about Vicky, ever,” former Lauderdale County inmate John McCulloch was quoted as saying by NBC News. “I never heard a bad word about her.”

It also reported that Mrs. White sold her home, well below market value, just days before she and the inmate went missing.

CNN reported that she had also announced plans to retire as deputy director of corrections. Police said Wednesday that her retirement papers were not finalized and that she no longer works at the county sheriff’s office.

Reports of their romantic relationship surfaced after other inmates also told investigators that Casey White “was getting extra food on her trays” and was “getting privileges that no one else got.” And all of this came from her.”

Meanwhile, Singleton said that Casey White is “an extremely dangerous person” and also warned people not to go near him if they see him and to call the police.

Investigators say Mr. White is possibly armed as Vicky White was. The US Marshals Service warned Tuesday that they may have an AR-15 rifle and a shotgun.

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