Marvel's Avengers Will Introduce Jane Foster: The Mighty Thor - New Style Motorsport

A future update to Marvel’s Avengers will add Jane Foster as The Mighty Thor, a new playable hero. The new hero is two updates away, as part of Update 2.5, so for now the studio is just teasing his arrival, rather than sharing much specific information. Along with the reveal, he also detailed the upcoming 2.4 update.

According to the update, Mighty Thor will share some common traits with Thor’s existing design, but will also have his own set of moves and items. That would seem to make her and Thor similar to the two Hawkeye designs, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, who were introduced in a two-part expansion story. The timing for Jane Foster was not announced, but the 2.4 update is targeting May, so it will be sometime after that.