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Details are leaking about a special Atari 2600 console LEGO set that will be released later this year to celebrate Atari’s 50th anniversary.

In recent years, LEGO has been exploring video game-related scenarios in new and exciting ways. LEGO’s partnership with Nintendo, resulting in a fun and interactive NES console Super Mario Bros. sets, has been particularly exciting, but new Sonic the Hedgehog Y Forbidden Horizon West The sets show LEGO’s willingness to experiment. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that a new set celebrating Atari’s 50th anniversary has been leaked. The set is from the classic Atari 2600 console.


The leak comes from Lego’s German website, which explains that LEGO is working on a unique playable model of the Atari 2600, initially known as the Atari VCS. The set is tentatively planned for release in August 2022 and will tentatively cost $199.99, an estimate from LEGO fans who wish to follow the announcement and release of the set can do so with the Atari set number 2600 10306 or the full name of the set, which is the Atari 50th Anniversary Games Console.

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As well as the Atari 2600 console itself, there will also be a CX40 controller to build, naturally. The Atari 2600 console featured a unique style of controller with a joystick in the center and a single orange button. This controller may also have a mechanical element connecting it to the console due to its “playable” nature.

As for what “playable” means, LEGO fans may remember the Nintendo Entertainment System’s LEGO game which includes a LEGO TV and a “game” to play on it. The Atari 2600 set will not include a TV, according to the leak. It will, however, include a hinge element that, when opened, reveals a scene from the game. Trap. Trap the hero Harry will swing over a pit full of crocodiles, according to the description. An electronic component that would allow actual Atari games to be played would be very exciting, but it’s beyond the reach of a $200 LEGO set.

Together, the set combines elements from both the NES console LEGO set and the question mark block from Super Mario 64 with its secret. Trap game world inside. LEGO is doing its best to deliver rich and detailed gaming experiences within these sets, and it looks like the Atari 2600 set will be no different.

While the tentative release window for the Atari 2600 set is August later this year, it will be limited to official LEGO sources to begin with. says that the set may not be openly available until early 2023. As LEGO fans know that patience is important when it comes to scoring these rare sets.

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