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As part of its 30th anniversary celebration, Kirby is launching a new product collection that includes a dancing alarm clock.

With 2022 marking the 30th anniversary of the kirby series, both HAL Laboratory and Nintendo seemed to have wasted no time preparing to celebrate the milestone. Nintendo confirmed that kirbyThe 30th anniversary celebration will actually take place this year, and then it will be boosted by the launch Kirby and the Forgotten Land as well as announce various activities and products for the occasion. Now, another collection of products has been introduced that includes a variety of items, such as a dance kirby alarm clock.


Nintendo has been slowly releasing new kirby items for the anniversary from the beginning of the year. This includes a giant 30th anniversary stuffed toy, customizable kirby necklaces or jewelry, and even useful everyday items based on designs from the game found in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. the exclusive kirby cafe in Japan has been renamed to reflect the look and feel of the game, and a concert featuring soundtracks from the franchise is also scheduled for August 2022.

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To further excite fans about the series’ anniversary events, a new collection of kirby the merchandise has been announced. According to the official site of the Japanese brand Bandai, “kirby‘s 30th Anniversary Deluxe Collection” will be part of its Ichiban Kuji system. The Ichiban Kuji is a lottery system, where fans must pay a ticket to draw one of the collection’s prizes. In total, there are 21 different pieces in the range of products.This includes the dancing alarm clock, which is the main prize of the collection.Other items include cute kirby plush toys, key chains, face towels, a 3D calendar, glasses and more.

The price of each Ichiban Kuji ticket is 650 yen or around $5.00 USD. Lottery machines will be available at Lawson convenience stores and the Ichiban Lottery online store. Fans in Japan can check out these official channels once they become available from May 21, 2022. Although most of the series’ 30th anniversary activities seem to be focused only on Japan, other fans need not worry. Nintendo has confirmed that there will be even more kirby 30th anniversary events and activities.

Given the kirby he has a huge following around the world and is such a beloved character in the gaming community that fans are likely to wish that some of the upcoming official Kirby celebrations would take place on a more global scale. Hopefully Nintendo and Hal Laboratory will consider their global fans as they will likely appreciate being considered for participation in all the exciting kirby 30th anniversary parties.

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