Katie Taylor v Amanda Serrano: The Irishwoman says the undisputed fight is the 'best fight' in boxing - New Style Motorsport

Venue of events: Madison Square Garden, New York Date: Saturday, April 30
Coverage: Listen on BBC Radio 5 Live from 02:00 BST on Sunday and live text commentary on the BBC Sport website and app.

Katie Taylor calls her undisputed lightweight clash with Amanda Serrano the “best fight” in boxing as they prepare to make history at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Taylor, 35, defends her titles against seven-weight world champion Serrano in what her promoter has billed as the biggest women’s fight in history.

“This is very, very special because it’s the best against the best, champion against champion,” Taylor said.

“This is just a great boxing match.”

Taylor and Serrano are the first women to headline Madison Square Garden.

“This is not just the best women’s fight right now, but probably the best fight you can see right now, male and female,” added Taylor. “Saturday night we’re going to put on a showcase for the sport.”

Taylor was speaking at a news conference alongside his promoter Eddie Hearn and Serrano promoter Jake Paul, who is ready to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to his fighter.

Paul challenged Hearn to a $1 million bet, offering to give the jewelry he was wearing to Hearn if Taylor won.

After saying the jewelry was worth $500,000, Hearn was goaded into shaking hands when Paul raised the offer to $1 million.

“When Amanda wins, I’ll give her $1 million,” Paul said afterwards.

Taylor and Serrano struck relaxed figures onstage, showing little signs of nervousness ahead of what is likely to be a fight that will have lasting effects on the sport. There were plenty of speeches from both sides in what was a lengthy tribute to the rise of women’s boxing in recent years.

Serrano hasn’t stopped smiling during the buildup and after a career spanning 44 fights and seven world titles, the 33-year-old says the real winners will be the women she and Taylor inspire.

She said, “You’re definitely going to see some great talent, two of the best at it. You’re going to see heart, glory, a lot of punching.”

“We are probably the two best fighters. There are no bad conversations between me and Katie Taylor because fights are won inside the ring, not outside.

“We don’t need to bad-mouth each other. Our accomplishments got us to where we are today. We’re making history right now and I couldn’t be happier to share that ring with Katie.”

“Thirteen years as a professional wrestler, I’ve fought. I’ve fought my way into this sport, right. I want to go out there and secure that victory.

“Whatever happens on Saturday night, the real winners are the fans and the women in general and the sport of women’s boxing because it’s only going to grow from now on.”

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