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We’re about to enter a long summer that isn’t filled with many major game releases, but that’s supposed to change this fall. Not only with the usual Call of Duty and Madden roster, but also with two high-profile Xbox and PlayStation exclusives, Starfield and God of War Ragnarok.

And yet, if you’ve been paying attention to this industry at any point in the last 20 years, you know that big games always have the potential to be delayed. And frankly, given what’s been shown so far, it seems possible that Starfield or God of War could be pushed back to 2022 and miss its scheduled holiday 2022 release date.

But which is more likely? I have an opinion, and let’s review the facts:

star field

This game actually has a release date, November 11, 2022, which was pronounced right around the time the game was announced, which is almost unheard of. Bethesda made it clear that they wouldn’t have announced the date if they weren’t extremely committed to releasing the game at the time, though in this industry, that still seems far from a guarantee.

star field has barely shown something similar to the game itself. We got a sneak peek at graphics and aesthetics in the engine a long time ago, but since then, it’s been more or less nothing more than concept art, and we still don’t have anything that resembles the actual game.

That said, Xbox just announced a big showcase in June that includes Bethesda, and it looks like that’s when Starfield will make its big debut, which would be five months before launch. Bethesda has been known to keep the cards closer to their vest in recent years, and generally speaking, the types of content they’ve put out (exploring the soundscape of Starfield!) feels like a very carefully crafted pre-launch campaign. in the fall.

If Starfield has a big presence at the Xbox show and maintains that the November 11 date is still happening, I would hope that yes, they are on their way and we should see the game five months later.

god of war ragnarok

To its credit, God of War Ragnarok has shown more footage than Starfield, the actual game at the PlayStation showcase in September 2021. It hasn’t given us almost anything since then, eight months later, though.

Unlike Starfield, God of War has already been externally delayed once. It was originally said to be a 2021 release for PlayStation, even if no one believed that to be true, and sure enough, it wasn’t. So it’s essentially already experienced a full year delay, which could indicate it’s done this time.

God of War has the advantage of being able to build on the last game, while Starfield is a new engine, new IP, all of that. Not that it’s “easy”, but at least the base is already there. That said, Sony Santa Monica is a perfectionist studio and they’re not going to want to release anything until they’re absolutely ready. It’s not like Sony needs God of War Ragnarok over the holidays to sell PS5s, which can’t be kept in stock at the moment anyway due to massive shortages.

Finally, the last update we received on the game was a video from Cory Barlog that seemed like a delay announcement video… without actually announcing a delay:

For my money, here’s my probability ranking order:

1. God of War delayed until 2023, Starfield arrives in 2022

2. God of War and Starfield delayed until 2023

3. God of War and Starfield arrive in 2022.

4. God of War arrives in 2022, Starfield is delayed until 2023.

We should find out more next month during the Xbox showcase. And whatever the Sony equivalent of that is.

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