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home world 3 is the sequel to one of the most famous real-time strategy games in history. The first entry in the series was the first RTS that allowed players to navigate in a fully three-dimensional environment. The original home planet was released in 1999 and revolutionized real-time strategy games with its authentic representation of space, as opposed to a 2D plane.

Developer Blackbird Interactive and publisher Gearbox Software revealed details during a panel at the PAX East show about the upcoming Homeworld 3 Collector’s Edition and its availability for pre-order. As of April 21, 2022, home planet fans in North America and select markets can pre-order Homeworld 3 Collector’s Edition which will include physical and digital products that celebrate the history of the award-winning franchise.


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In addition to the base game and the year one passthe collector’s edition of homeworld 3 will also include finely crafted ship models as well as other home world 3 brand items. These items have been made in collaboration with marketing innovations company Idea Planet, which has previously created collectibles and packaging alongside titles such as PlayStation exclusive. Horizon: Forbidden West Y far away 6.

As for the physical goods included in homeworld 3 Collector’s Edition, fans will get quite a bit of collectibles for their money. The extensive list of physical items includes The Mothership Khar-Kushan 14-inch model, a 3-inch Hiigaran Destroyer model, a 1.8-inch Hiigaran Torpedo Frigate model, a 1.2-inch Hiigaran Recon Delta training model, a ship reconnaissance platform inspired by World War II. playing cards, a logo keychain, and finally a key art lithograph.

Digital gifts for the real-time strategy game will include the home world 3 base game Steam key, year one pass, ship decals, icons, banners, multiplayer name colors, and the home world 3 soundtrack by composer Paul Ruskay, who worked on the previous two installments in the franchise, the standalone title Home planet: Emergence, and prequel Homeworld: Kharak Deserts.

Blackbird interactive, which previously developed Homeworld: Kharak Deserts and comprises some members of the original team that developed the first entries in the franchise, he also revealed that mobile Homeworld, which was originally announced in 2019, will finally be released for iOS and Android this year.

An interesting factor in the development of the game was that home world 3 it allowed fans to buy shares in the game. A crowdfunding campaign was established in Fig that allows fans to buy shares, which would allow them to make suggestions in game development and receive profits from future sales equal to their investment. This scheme came to an end when Embracer Group bought Gearbox Software. It raised more than $1.5 million and had more than 8,000 backers, but the investments were never collected. those who supported home world 3 in Fig you will have priority access to Homeworld Mobile.

Homeworld 3 Collector’s Edition is now available for pre-order in North America on PC

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