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Enthusiastic fans of Siphon Filter’s classic games discover that some of the iconic titles in the series have been rated for PS4 and PS5.

During the PlayStation 1 era, many innovative games were created, with some becoming household names for the Sony machine. One of them was a third-person shooter stealth game known as siphon filter which was released in 1999 and developed by Eidetic at the time. This game would be hailed as another stealth action trendsetter. solid metal gear, with a positive reception and two more sequels in 2000 and 2001 to form a trilogy. He would later find more success on the PSP console with dark mirror Y logan’s shadow.


Eidetic would then be renamed Studio Bend, where it would become its own developer for PlayStation Studios. As such, the games developed by the studio have been exclusive to PlayStation consoles, many of them being third-person shooters. Games developed by post-developersiphon filter were Resistance: Retribution and two Unexplored Games for the Vita. Studio Bend’s latest effort was the PlayStation 4-exclusive open-world post-apocalyptic experience. past days.

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While Studio Bend would go on to develop other PlayStation titles, the Siphon Filter series has sadly been shelved, with the last release being in 2007. logan’s shadow. In 2017, the siphon filter Sony renewed the brand, which raised the expectations of some fans, although nothing had materialized. However, this may be paying off now as classic four siphon filter The games suddenly appeared on the Korea Game Administration and Classification Committee (GRAC), all of them for PS4 and PS5 consoles.

The four siphon filter qualifying games include siphon filter, siphon filter 2, Siphon Filter: Logan’s ShadowY Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror. This list strangely omits two other games in the series, which are the third entry and The Omega Strain. The skipped games were released on PS1 and PS2 respectively, and the rated ones were previously released on the mentioned consoles and PSP.

These titles are likely to be part of the recently announced PlayStation Plus Premium tier set to launch later this year, which looks to offer a variety of classic games from the publisher’s history. This includes games released for the PS1, PS2, and PSP generations, though PS3 games are only available via cloud streaming rather than local emulation. While fans may be disappointed all the siphon filter The series won’t all be arriving at the same time, for now, this will give newer PlayStation fans a chance to get a taste of this classic and groundbreaking franchise.

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