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More than two years after the game’s release, players are still finding interesting little details sprinkled throughout Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Some of the details that connect the Final Fantasy 7 Remake to the original are great, standing front and center as Hell House transitioning from a random enemy to an impressive boss fight. However, some of the smaller details are so well hidden in the differences between the original final fantasy 7The gameplay of and its remake that players are still discovering them for the first time.

This exact phenomenon is what happened to Reddit user LetterOK3512, who pointed out a small detail in the in-game benches that act as rest areas throughout Final Fantasy 7 Remakethe dungeons. Interestingly, the original poster isn’t the only one to have missed details in the two years the game was released, with commenters on the post first noticing the callback now that it’s been pointed out.


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The specific detail in question is the design that has been painted on the benches in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, with both words calling potions an energy drink and a small diamond on the left side of the backing. It’s this diamond shape that’s reminiscent of the original game, as this was the shape that save points took in that game, and also offers a little bit of breathing room both to mark checkpoints and to allow players to heal up on time. mass with tents. Considering how useful these banks can be both in a first game and in Final Fantasy 7 RemakeOn brutally hard hard mode, it’s not uncommon for players to use them to relieve themselves when they find one without looking beyond the surface level.

In additional comments on the original post, other players who rewatched the game after two years also noticed this bank detail for the first time. So while many players have seen save symbols on sideboards, it’s easy to quickly miss some of them. Final Fantasy 7 Remakedetails of when playing the rest of the bombastic game show. With the many references to the original title, it’s likely that most players have missed one or more of these details.

Many of the smaller details in the new version help to elevate it and create high expectations for Final Fantasy 7 Remakethe second part of. In an age where some games seem to be in the past with lower resolutions, choppy frame rates, or stuck on older consoles, it’s encouraging to see the effort being shown to final fantasy 7. If ever there was a game that Square Enix would go all out for, it would be this flagship title from the Final Fantasy series, and continues to go a long way in getting fans excited for the next installment in the remake series.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake It is available now for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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