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The Elden Ring fan replaces Thor with the Elden Ring boss Mohg, Lord of Blood, in a fan made version of the new Thor: Love and Thunder poster.

Thor: love and thunderthe fourth Thor The film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently released its first trailer and poster. With FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin’s elden ring being one of the most popular games this year, a fan decided to combine the two into his own fan art inspired by the Thor: love and thunder poster.

One of the reasons so many players have been enjoying elden ring It’s because of how challenging and fun the game’s bosses are. Although players do not need to fight most of elden ringThe bosses win the game, many fans still want to defeat them. Mohg, Lord of Blood is one of the most beloved bosses in the game. He is a demigod that players can fight against in Mohgwyn Palace.


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Reddit user JJ395 replaced Thor, the God of Thunder, with the Demi-God of Mohgwyn Palace in his own version of Thor: love and thunderPoster with the legend “Nihil Nihil Nihil”. Mohg says “Nihil Nihil Nihil” during his boss battle in elden ring, which translates as “Nothing Nothing Nothing”. In the fan-made poster, instead of holding Thor’s axe, Mohg is seen holding Thor’s Holy Spear.

The change of Thor by Mohg is not the only difference between the official poster of Thor: love and thunder and the JJ395 fan art. Their names are also swapped, which makes it seem like the upcoming movie is called Mohg: love and thunder.

Much elden ring Gamers and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe liked JJ395’s fan art, with some suggesting changing the words “Love” and “Thunder” to “Blood”, “Murder”, or “Dynasty”, all of which are words associated with the elden ring boss, to make the title relate more to him than Thor. Other Reddit users talked about the boss battle with Mohg and gave tips on how to defeat him.

From the poster Thor: love and thunder just came out, many other creative fans are sure to make their own posters inspired by it, and elden ring Players will likely make more art with Mohg, as well as other beloved bosses they’ve enjoyed fighting. While the fans wait Thor: love and thunder to launch on July 8, you can see Doctor strange in the multiverse of madnesswhich comes out on May 6, and the next episodes of moon knight Y mrs wonder.

elden ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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