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It’s the tune we hear on loop every time a big international tournament takes place.

Baddiel and Skinner’s iconic anthem, ‘Football’s Coming Home,’ will no doubt go down as one of the greatest football songs of all time, but it looks like it’s about to be scrapped.

There is understood to be growing concern among FA officials that the catchy tune, made famous during the Three Lions’ legendary run at Euro 96, is offensive to other nations and could subsequently be scrapped as the official anthem of the nation’s World Cup.

And, unsurprisingly, these talks about abandoning him have not been well received by supporters.

According to reports from The Sun, there are growing fears within the FA that other nations think it is “arrogant” to claim that England is the home of football.

“The FA have always countered the negative aspects of the song by emphasizing that it is about hope, but there is a feeling it might be time for a change,” a source told the newspaper.

“We have a great team and a great opportunity in Qatar, so it would be better to look forward from now than backwards. “Gareth Southgate is not involved in the debate, but he may very well have hazy memories of 1996 after missing the penalty that knocked us out in the semi-final.

“Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline was a huge hit with fans singing their hearts out at Euro 2020 and should be a strong contender now.

“It has nothing to do with football, but it’s a great feel-good song, and there’s absolutely no negativity in it.”

David Baddiel and Frank Skinner.  Credit: Alamy
David Baddiel and Frank Skinner. Credit: Alamy

Granted, Neil Diamond’s hit ‘Sweet Caroline’ is a decent track, but it doesn’t carry the same relevance to English football fans as ‘Football’s Coming Home’, as the FA clearly fails to grasp the real meaning of the song.

It’s about the ups and downs, the roller coaster of emotions, the utter heartbreak and, every now and then, a little bit of joy that comes with being an England fan.

Singing about ‘being the home of football’ is actually the most ironic thing, right?

Either way, the decision won’t be announced until later this year, though these early rumors of a change have already irked the Three Lions faithful.

Paul Gascoigne said: “That song is in our DNA. He helped us in 1996 and he will help the guys in Qatar.

“The FA has totally lost the plot.

“You can’t take that song away from us. Sweet Caroline doesn’t come close.

“It would be like saying that we can no longer wave the flags of Saint George.

“This awakened nonsense has no place in football. It’s just a great song.”

Piers Morgan also chimed in, adding: “This is a ridiculous idea.

“The song is about wallowing in 30 years of pain and hurt for not gaining anything, how can anyone say that he is arrogant?

“We absolutely should stay with Three Lions.”

Paul Gascoigne.  Credit: Alamy
Paul Gascoigne. Credit: Alamy

Even David Baddiel himself had a feeling the FA didn’t like it too much.

“Neil Diamond established himself as a kind of rival during the last European Championship,” he said.

“There was one thing my manager feels was actually a conspiracy set up by the FA: they don’t really like Three Lions.

“I think it is the notion, misunderstood by many people, that football’s return home means that England owns football and we are the homeland of football. Which is historically the case. We were the first to ratify the rules of the game.

“But in a way that is offensive to other FAs, like the Croatian Federation or whatever.”

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