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Elden Ring players have an interesting debate about the best Spirit Ashes in the game, with many citing Tiche and Mimic Tear as their favorites.

elden ring allows players to summon NPCs to help defeat its many bosses. It works similarly to Dark souls games, as specific characters players meet throughout the game place a summon sign outside a boss’s mist door. Besides, elden ring players can also use Spirit Ashes to summon even more NPCs to help with a challenging encounter.

These Spirit Ashes are varied and plentiful, but most players will likely use them to de-aggress and flank enemies. Players can summon a pack of wolves, a pack of skeletons with massive shields, and even an exact copy of themselves to take on various enemies. Some players choose not to use them while playing, but others argue that elden ringBosses are balanced around the player through summons. Additionally, some Spirit Ashes are more useful than others, leading players to debate the best summons in elden ring.


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A Reddit user asks players what the best summon is after changes made to elden ringlast update of. The post has more than 4,000 comments, but the responses are not as varied as the same names keep appearing throughout the post. Most users cite Black Knife Tiche, Banished Knight Oleg, Dung Eater Puppet, and Mimic Tear as their favorite summons. Some others mention his love for skeleton soldiers with Greatshields and the summoning of Jellyfish as well.

Many players share stories of the exciting battles they had with the summon of their choice while discussing some of the pros and cons of each. Also, users can find valuable tips and recommendations in the comments. For example, one player talks about Skeletal Militiamen Ashes’ unique ability, which summons two skeletons that can revive after dying. This is incredibly useful against bosses that don’t kill skeletons in elden ring hitting their bodies after depleting their HP bar.

Mimic Tear was perhaps the best summon in elden ring at launch. It could rack up a ton of damage, heal itself when needed, and also utilize unique weapon skills equipped by the player. Users even shared videos of an upgraded Mimic defeating some elden ring bosses on their own. FromSoftware nerfed it in patch 1.03, but it’s still an incredibly useful summon according to many players. It will be interesting to see if the other popular Spirit Ashes get weaker in a future update. Hopefully, FromSoftware decides to improve the ones that aren’t used as often, similar to the improvements made to Colossal Weapons in Patch 1.04. elden ring.

elden ring It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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