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Using a glitch that literally allows them to run through the air, an Elden Ring player manages to reach and terrify an AFK rune farmer.

As with most, if not all, open world video games, elden ring it has its fair share of bugs and glitches. While some of these may be irritating or harmful, others elden ring glitches can end up causing hilarious interactions or situations that make the game memorable.

However, on rare occasions, flaws may be useful or even essential in a particular situation. For example, without “zips” or teleports executed by walking an incredibly specific distance, the elden ring The sub 9 minute speed run and subsequent races could never work as without them the game would take much longer to finish.


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While one can certainly argue against the existence of “zips”, at this point they are a part of the game that doesn’t hurt gameplay and is beneficial for sprinting. On a completely different topic, AFK rune farmers have become a huge problem in the game, so much so that hunters and invaders band together to kill elden ring AFK rune farmers. The reason this is important to the glitch issue is that a player discovered a glitch that allows them to get to the location of these AFK players.

Reddit user CaptainIkag created a clip that captured 2 amazing things: one, executing an incredible glitch that allowed them to run through the air; two, the discovery and takedown of a disgruntled rune farmer who was left running for his life from the wrath of Captain Ikrag. Based on the host’s reaction, they made a mad dash to pick up their controller and run/dodge as fast as possible, opting to flee instead of fight. However, just like another disastrous AFK rune farmer fight in elden ringthe farmer still ended up dead.

While using Mohgwyn’s spear can kill elden ringAFK rune farmers, the spear can’t hit all hideouts, including the one shown in the video. However, CaptainIkag showed a glitch that allowed them to literally run through the air. According to them, this was done using a war ash that puts the character in a specific pose. Following up on a light attack in this stance with an L2 input and switching to a different weapon while holding Marika’s hammer in her right hand is what causes the glitch to occur. Although it was clearly extremely complicated, the glitch allowed Captain Ikag to traverse an incredible amount of space and was the only reason they got to the AFK farmer.

While this glitch surely won’t be the end of the AFK farmers, CaptainIkag’s glitch is an important step in the right direction. While it is good practice for developers to zero out the number of crashes in their games, in this case the crash was a very positive one.

elden ring It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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