Elden Ring is being transformed into a real Game Boy - New Style Motorsport

Arise ye Tarnished, someone is making a Game Boy version of everyone’s favorite game, Elden Ring, and livestreaming the development process. This demake is just the latest development in an apparent trend with From Software games that also gave us the release of Bloodborne PSX a few months back.

According to IGN, shintendo first announced their demake via the Elden Ring subreddit, where they posted a clip of the opening area and boss fight, which is aimed at killing players and sending them to the actual in-game tutorial. The short video also features the cutest dodge roll ever and ends with the aforementioned death before the text promoting shintendo’s Twitch channel appears. They intend to show how they develop Elden Ring for the actual Game Boy hardware there and archive it on their Youtube channel.