Call Of Duty: Warzone's Caldera Map Continues To Get Better With Season 3 - New Style Motorsport

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Caldera map has arrived for Vanguard Season 1, taking players from the drab buildings of Verdansk to a sunny island getaway. However, Season 1 also launched with myriad issues in Caldera that hampered the enjoyment and playability of the map. Now, with the release of Season 3, Warzone’s tropical island is a much better place to visit.

Call of Duty Season 1 made it really hard to enjoy the beauty of the island with graphical bugs causing giant polygonal monsters to swallow buildings and players whole. Consoles struggled to keep up, with various crash and performance issues on PlayStation and Xbox systems. Some of the operator skins in the battle pass were also broken, causing many players to abuse skins that allowed them to be nothing more than a floating head on the map, making finding them frustrating. Also, Ricochet’s promised anti-cheat didn’t make it to all regions at launch either, so hackers continued to spoil all the fairness and fun. Overall, Caldera was a refreshing change of scenery for Warzone, but it got off to a really bad start.