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Following the recent Season 3 update, Call of Duty: Warzone players are reporting that the game’s servers are feeling worse, leading to more lag-related issues.

it was a great week for call of duty: war zone players when the early Season 3 update finally arrived. Unsurprisingly, the new season known as Classified Weapons brought with it a host of new content, including rewards earned within the new Battle Pass. In addition to the latest operator, Mateo Hernandez, joining the roster, fans also have new multiplayer maps, weapons, and packs to check out.

However, the most important piece of this season is the inclusion of Godzilla and King Kong, which will begin on May 11. While Activision had been teasing the giant monsters before the new season, players will encounter these two during matches in Caldera. To support its massive arrival, Caldera is also getting some new and revised POIs, including the Dig Site, which contains skeletal remains of giant lizards and primates. As exciting as all of this may be, season 3 seems to have some frustrating issues.


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Following the Season 3 update earlier this week, fans took to social media to lament the state of the servers, with many stating that they are worse than ever. About him call of duty: war zone subReddit, a user named Salt-Loan1327 started a thread mentioning that the game feels awful, almost like they’re experiencing constant lag, even though their ping rate remains stable. The most recent update may have introduced some unwanted issues as other players have reported similar issues after the arrival of Season 3.

The thread sparked a swarm of comments with people experiencing similar issues while playing the game after the new update. One user named oxUbiquiity even indicated that he is experiencing constant packet loss and bursting packets, even though they also have low ping. Another user mentioned that they were kicked out of a game and then couldn’t queue for Iron Trials or Battle Royale quads, even though Rebirth Island worked fine. While not everyone experiences these issues, there certainly seems to be something going on with the Caldera map.

While connection and lag related issues are usually a high priority to fix for a fast moving shooter like call of duty: war zone, is not the only problem currently affecting players. Loadout drops have recently undergone some changes to the way they work, essentially dropping much earlier in a match than before. This has left many fans frustrated as the timing has resulted in an increase in camps, where enemy players hide nearby waiting to ambush loot seekers.

call of duty: war zone It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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