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It looks like more big titles are coming to the subscription service.

It looks like Game Pass is about to get two new additions to its roster. Microsoft recently updated the store pages for Battle 2042 and FIFA 22 to include the Game Pass logo. While no announcement has been made yet, this seems to indicate that both titles will be coming to the service soon.

News of this logo addition comes courtesy of NME, who believe Microsoft will announce the titles as part of its May additions. Already confirmed for Game Pass Trek to Yomi, which will be available from day one on May 5. It will also launch This War of Mine: Final Cut on May 10. Meanwhile, Sniper Elite 5 will be available to Game Pass subscribers in May. 26. However, Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22 would be great additions to the service for a number of reasons.


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FIFA 22 is the most recent entry in the series. With generally positive reviews, thanks in large part to the recently added Hyper Motion technology, the title is likely to continue to see strong sales. Generally, popular games either expire their shelf life or wait for a new entry in the series before heading to subscription services. Although the game is rumored to be heading to PlayStation Plus in May as well, the addition of Game Pass isn’t that far-fetched.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 2042 has become quite a controversial title since its release late last year. EA DICE’s game was plagued with bugs and performance issues at launch, not to mention missing a ton of core features and content from previous installments in the series. While the developer has gone to great lengths to address many of these issues, reviews and the game’s popularity with fans has taken a hit. A Game Pass release can help bolster the game’s image.

Of course, since both titles are from EA, they may be exclusive to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate level through EA Play. This means that standard Game Pass subscribers will not get access to these titles without upgrading their subscription. While Microsoft hasn’t made any announcements about the games yet, this seems like the most likely route if they end up being added.

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